Improve Impulse Purchase Sales With Beverage Coolers

If your store or restaurant isn’t already marketing for the impulse purchase, what are you waiting for? Those few minutes customers spend in checkout aisles are much more than dead time; they’re golden opportunities to encourage extra spending. How so? A buyer who’s waiting in line is already poised to make a purchase. Surround that person with desirable items and saying “yes” is almost mindless. One of the best and easiest ways to encourage the impulse purchase is with a prominent beverage cooler. If placed strategically by the waiting line, the cooler creates a natural temptation for shoppers. Suddenly a cold drink is too good to resist. Throwing a soda or water in the cart doesn’t take much thought or decision; it’s practically automatic.

For your business, a beverage cooler offers a way to boost revenue and meet consumer needs right as they’re leaving your store. It couldn’t be simpler. To learn more, here’s a look at how and why beverage coolers offer the perfect impulse purchase options for consumers.

The Power of Beverage Coolers

Whether you run a grocery store or a gas station, a great way to harness the power of impulse buys is with strategic placement of a beverage unit. Think about it: Is there anything more universal than thirst? Both retail display coolers and retail display freezers make it possible to position cold drinks right where and when a customer wants them. You can improve merchandising, encourage larger purchases, and boost revenue all through the mere addition of one of these appliances. Today’s market includes all kinds of fridge types: upright, single- or two-door, countertop, island, and open air coolers, for a start.

Whatever model you select, there’s no denying the benefits of display coolers. Showcase cold beverages in an attractive, compelling way. Make drinks easy to grab for quick and instantaneous buys. You can even expand the potential for impulse purchase possibilities by setting a cooler next to complementary items such as snacks and candy. Everyone who walks through the checkout line automatically encounters the display and has an easy opportunity to grab one more thing (or two)!

Optimizing Beverage Cooler Placement for Impulse Purchases

To make the most of your beverage display unit, position it strategically in your establishment. Obviously the high-traffic checkout lanes offer the most potential for capturing shoppers’ attention. There may be other spots that make sense, too. Consider where your shoppers spend time lingering and looking around — those are the golden zones for encouraging an impulse purchase. Likewise, make sure products catch buyers’ eyes by placing them right at eye level where they can’t be missed. Nobody should have to crouch down or look up to see the drinks for sale. The idea is that these promotional items pop up in a consumer’s line of vision without being sought. You can group similar items and/or brands together to help shoppers think of more than one item they can’t resist. At various times of year, you can feature seasonal drinks that will only be available for a limited time, making buyers even more interested. Likewise, try using bright colors to highlight key items — red signage for beverages on sale, for example. Other ideas include planning sign language and case lighting that draw attention to the display.

When it comes to impulse merchandising, drinks are hard to beat. Because they’re low in price, they get past the potential obstacle of expense, and because they’re consumable, they’re naturally compelling. Come to Iron Mountain Refrigeration to shop a variety of models and find the right one for your store. Browse our products online and contact us today!