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Sale! PeakCold 2-Drawer Refrigerated Chef Base - 52"

PeakCold 2-Drawer Refrigerated Chef Base – 52″


as low as $52.26 / month

PeakCold 2-Drawer Refrigerated Chef Base – 36″


as low as $41.78 / month

PeakCold 4-Drawer Refrigerated Chef Base - 72"

PeakCold 4-Drawer Refrigerated Chef Base – 72″


as low as $62.74 / month

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Our commercial refrigerated chef bases contain drawers and provide a surface for commercial cooking equipment. Chef base coolers help conserve space in kitchens and offer convenient access to refrigerated food and ingredients. Refrigerated bases keep ingredients at hand, temporarily holding burgers for the grill or ingredients for smoothies, omelettes and stir fry. Modular components like countertop cooking equipment on top of refrigerated bases is less expensive than full-size range, griddle or fryer and creates a modular kitchen. Chef bases are an essential part of fresh cooking with speed embraced by modern restaurants. Equipment on top can be switched out quickly for seasonal menu changes.

Chef base tables help create a more efficient work space and provide easy access to the ingredients you need in refrigerated drawers, maximizing the space in your commercial kitchen and preventing time spent crossing the kitchen to a main refrigerator and keeping a smooth workflow.

The commercial chef bases we offer come in a variety of width options, from 36.4” to 72.4”. They also feature a marine edge to contain spills for easier cleanup and can keep food within a consistent temperature range between 33 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Available with drawers, refrigerated chef bases come in two- and four-door options to provide you with the storage capacity you need for your kitchen, and they have stainless steel finishes.

Iron Mountain Refrigeration is a top supplier of commercial refrigeration equipment. We offer numerous financing options to help your new equipment fit into your budget, as well as free shipping nationwide except for Washington and Oregon. Click here to see our current lineup of sale products or here to browse our complete range of products. Contact us today if you have any questions about any of our refrigeration collections.