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Snooker Commercial Ice Machine with Bin – 500 Lb


as low as $79.77 / month

Sale! Snooker Commercial Ice Machine with Storage Bin - 350 Lb

Snooker Commercial Ice Machine with Bin – 350 Lb


as low as $66.67 / month

Sale! Snooker Half Cube Commercial Ice Maker - 280 lb., Ice Maker  - Iron Mountain

Snooker Half Cube Commercial Ice Maker – 280 Lb


as low as $54.88 / month

Sale! Snooker Half Cube Commercial Ice Machine - 160 lb.

Snooker Half Cube Commercial Ice Machine – 160 Lb


as low as $41.78 / month

Sale! Snooker Under Counter Ice Machine - 120 Lb

Snooker Under Counter Ice Machine – 120 Lb


as low as $28.68 / month

Snooker Commercial Ice Dispenser Machine – 350 Lb


as low as $123.00 / month

Commercial Ice Makers For Sale

Having a reliable commercial ice maker is very important. All too often, people realize that their machine is not performing as it should but by that time it is too late.

If you want repeat customers, serving warm soft drinks and cocktails is not a good way to achieve that goal. Our selection of commercial ice makers for sale will ensure that your demand for ice is met, as our units can crank out fresh cubes at a very fast rate.

Choosing the wrong commercial ice makers can become a headache you don’t want or need. Our great selection will give you the peace of mind you need so you can focus on running your business.

Different applications require different types of ice.

Large cubes work well with cocktails due to less surface area exposure causing drinks to water down.

Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment Offers Interchangeable Ice Dispensers.

Our ice machines can change the sizes of the ice cubes that they produce, allowing for maximum flexibility and value for money for our clients.

Warranty Projection

All of the ice makers in our range come with warranties This gives you, as our customer, peace of mind that not only are we confident in our products, we are accountable to them. This is a level of consumer protection that we take pride in.

A Common Mistake People Make Regarding Commercial Ice Makers and How to Avoid It:

Pay Attention to Hygiene: According to the FDA, ice is to be treated as a food product with both storage and handling. This means that ice machines generally should be cleaned 2-4 times (Every 3-6 months) at a minimum. Depending on how heavily used an ice machine is, or its running temperature, this may have to be more regular. This is to avoid microorganisms that can contaminate the ice.

Symptoms an Ice Maker Needs to be Cleaned

There are many symptoms that are telltale signs a commercial ice maker needs to be cleaned including:

  1. If you find your ice cubes are smaller than usual
  2. Ice cubes are looking cloudy
  3. Ice cubes have a poor form (soft to touch and melt faster)
  4. Ice cubes have a noticeable smell or taste

If you are experiencing these symptoms it is highly likely you need to clean your machine.

Cleaning an Ice Machine:

  1. Always Turn the ice machine off and disable the water supply.
  2. Empty the contents of the ice machine (both ice and water)
  3. Use a 3 part water, 1 part machine cleaner to clean all parts before rinsing thoroughly.
  4. Wipe the surfaces with a soft cloth (to minimize scratching or surface damage).
  5. Let everything air dry.
  6. Once the machine is up and running ALWAYS discard the first batch of ice to ensure there are no remnants of cleaning products.
  7. Test the second batch of ice and you should be good to go.

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Iron Mountain Refrigeration is committed to bringing you high-quality commercial refrigeration supplies at great prices. Our customer service is second to none, so don’t hesitate to contact us any time with questions.