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Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment

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Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment supplies an ever-growing selection of retail and commercial refrigeration equipment. We understand that the look and feel of your commercial setting is important.  We like to offer nice options for your needs.  It needs to be clean and professional.  You want your customers/clients to know that everything they purchase has been refrigerated properly.  Properly maintained equipment to the degree of coldness that they need.  Offering a sleek look environment for your restaurant, quick stop, gas station, hotel or any commercial building need.  The look of the equipment is important to the look and feel of the entire establishment. This is why we offer so many options to choose from. 

Our equipment is top notch commercial grade.  And, it is simple to order. We have had some requests at the residential level and this works as well.  We offer free shipping nationwide for both commercial and residential. So, there is nothing extra to be charged.

Our Great Selection of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Includes:

If you are shopping for your commercial or home bar, check our out our great line up!  Here are some of our options:

Whether you are looking for the commercial refrigeration unit to show retail product, restaurant refrigeration, commercial bar equipment we have you covered.  We have a great selection of refrigeration supplies.  You can narrow your search by visiting our Collections Page. Or need a home bar beer cooler, browse our catalog to find the model and finish that suits your needs.  Iron Mountain supplies an ever-growing selection of retail and commercial refrigeration equipment. Free shipping nationwide including residences!  Give us a call or order online.

Refrigeration is Important

If you operate a commercial operation that needs refrigeration and the power goes out, you will be reminded of how important that refrigeration unit is to your business. So, only trust the best.  When you make your livelihood off of the products that are in the refrigerator, you need to ensure you have the best quality out there.  We offer safe and reliable refrigeration for your commercial operation needs. 

We have a nice selection of door options like solid doors that offer a bit more insulation for your ingredients inside.  This option is great for restaurants and the back of grocery stores.  But solid doors doesn't work as well as the glass option for retail locations.  Allowing your customers to see clearly what you have inside.  This helps with faster sales and makes the store look amazing.  This is why we have glass door options as well.  Retail stores need a good refrigeration system in place for all of their beverage options as well as food options.  These units are easy to clean and make your store look great.  People love to come into a clean and well put together store.  Let us help you with this.

Refrigeration for your Store

Each reach in freezer or refrigerator we carry is made of quality construction with top of the line materials. We offer Stainless Steel and Tempered glass options. Stainless steel material offer superior durability and corrosion resistance.  Our units are environmentally friendly with great insulation.  We use R-1134a refrigerant and quiet motors.  Our units are pleasing to the eye and the pocketbook. We offer various sized units to meet your needs. And, offer only the best for options.

Additionally, many of our products offer LED lighting for energy efficiency as well as digital displays, casters and stay open doors.  There are extra wide models for easier product access.  And, we have a great selection that can help fill an entire store with the needs.  We take our business seriously and your business means a lot to us. Should you have questions, contact us.  We are here to answer all your questions and concerns. We know this is a big investment and requires some research and thought.  And, we are happy to be apart of your selective process. 

Refrigeration for your store is important.  We offer single, double and triple door options with easy to reach in and grab what you need.  Your refrigeration units are there to keep your product cold and ready for sale.  We know that you care about your customers.  And, you just want your products to be good and cold without worry.  Let us provide you with great options. We even offer extra shelves for purchase.  We think about all the little things that are important. Free Shipping is just icing on the cake.  

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