Iron Mountain Refrigeration Warranty Program

At Iron Mountain Refrigeration, our ProcoolPeakColdPeakCold Plus and Snooker warranty program is designed to make requesting assistance as simple as making one phone call. To better understand the issue you are facing, we will ask you some basic questions about things such as the environment, setup, product use and maintenance. With this information, the first call is frequently the only one you will need to make! We may walk you through a few adjustments to your controller settings or suggest some maintenance or use changes, and that will be all you need.

To request assistance, simply contact us at 833-734-8880 or by email at

It’s best to call us when you are with your equipment so that we can do basic troubleshooting. Please include your order information or have it available if you can.

Warranty Terms


Warranty Service Companies

If we determine your issue requires professional service, we use a carefully selected and constantly growing network of technicians to service our products. If we do not already have one in your location, we will find one quickly. If you already have a business relationship with a technician, we are happy to work with them as well. Our team will make the calls to coordinate this service and follow up with the technician for any necessary parts to get your equipment back up and working as it should. We are happy to provide assistance locating a technician and providing parts even after your warranty period has expired!

Iron Mountain warranty map

Warranty Exclusions

  • Warranties are not supported outside the continental United States
  • Warranties are not transferable to other parties.
  • Some brands do not support product warranties for residential use.
  • Warranties do not cover the loss of product or income due to equipment malfunction.
  • Placing the equipment outdoors, exposure to extreme temperatures, using it to store hazardous materials or modifying the equipment in any way voids all warranties.
  • Food Truck or Trailer Use Warranty: Customers installing equipment in a food truck or trailer shall receive 30 days of replacement warranty coverage, regardless of the standard coverage period.

Other Equipment Warranties

Some of the items for sale follow the manufacturer’s warranty program. Please see the “Warranty” tab on the individual product pages to learn more about those programs.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 833-734-8880 or through our online contact form.