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PeakCold Milk Crate Cooler – 12 Crates


as low as $35.34 / month

PeakCold Milk Crate Cooler – 16 Crates


as low as $49.64 / month

PeakCold Milk Crate Cooler – 8 Crates


as low as $31.30 / month

Our school milk coolers come in a multitude of sizes to match everyone’s needs.  Our coolers are highly sought after by schools as an easy solution for keeping milk at optimum temperatures. They can also be used in retail locations where something that is being sold needs to stay cool.  They are energy efficient and have a drop down side for easier reaching.  These are designed for schools, however, they work great in other cafeteria settings as well.

Our milk coolers were designed to keep milk cool during school lunches.  They can be easily refilled as the lunch progresses allowing the cooler to take up less space.  We offer the options of 12 or 16 standard milk crate size.  They are both on wheels for easy moving and offer air forced cooling.  Our coolers are designed with students in mind with drop-down sides that allow them to reach in and get the milk that is on the bottom of the cooler as well.  This helps keep the lunch line flowing properly and allows the students to help themselves.

Commercial Milk Coolers

A milk cooler fridge in a cafeteria and school is a great addition.  It can be there offering milk at breakfast and lunch and there is no need for a person to have to do this for them.  If you are looking for school milk coolers for sale, you have come to the right place.  Our school milk coolers for sale are an affordable and easy solution for schools and cafeterias alike.  These can be used in all cafeterias such as hospitals and nursing homes as well.  They are easy to set up, just plug them into the wall and fill them up.  They work best when there is actual milk or something in them to keep cool, or they tend to run a lot.

Each milk cooler dispenser offers a nice open front to keep the lines moving.  We have thought of everything when designing these commercial milk coolers.  When the lunch is over, refill the cooler and close it up.  This will allow it to be more energy efficient when it is not in use.

Milk Coolers For Sale

The drop down sides are perfect for the kids and aging adults.  There is nothing to close, no doors to slam and well, less to break.   That’s important when looking to purchase milk coolers for your cafeteria.  The general public is not as nice on equipment as they should be.  So taking away moving components on your milk coolers, means less broken hinges or seals as well.  Trust us with your school milk carton cooler needs.  We have thought of everything to make this an economical choice for all cafeterias.

Other Cafeteria Equipment Options

Need more than just school milk coolers? We offer 100’s of cooler options. We have commercial grade refrigerators that would be perfect for the cafeteria both at the students level with clear doors or in the back. And, ice makers to provide ice for the school. Our commercial ice makers would be perfect for concessions as well as game night! And, remember we offer free US Shipping and can Ship globally.

Iron Mountain Refrigeration prides itself on delivering the highest quality products along with outstanding customer support.  If you have any questions about any of our products, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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