Back Bar Coolers

Back Bar Coolers

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Back Bar Coolers for Sale with Free Shipping

Glassdoor back bar coolers for commercial beverage display or home bar use. Display your beer bottles or cans in glass front refrigerators. Chill beer bottles in deep good slide top bottle coolers. Commercial back bar refrigerators in single, double or triple door models for beer and beverage display. Stainless steel or black exterior with free shipping to your home or business! Glass door under bar commercial refrigerators for eye-catching drink display.

Benefits of buying back bar coolers from Iron Mountain Refrigeration.

Peace of mind: All of our back bar or home bar coolers come with a one year warranty for parts and labor. This offers our customers the financial security that other online sellers may not be able to offer. This is based on the trust and confidence we have in our products. We offer
financing options as well for added peace of mind. Shipping costs are already included: What you see is exactly what you pay. We offer free domestic shipping using domestic freight carriers with inclusive curbside delivery. For further convenience, we also offer estimated transit times. However, we do not set and forget. If you have extra needs for the delivery of your back-bar cooler, please do not hesitate to reach out to us and we can accommodate your needs. Flexible temperatures: Depending on the model, our commercial back bar coolers or residential bar back coolers can alternate between 33-50°F Customization: Our back bar coolers contain customizable shelving heights so you can mix and match to suit your business needs. If you require additional shelves, we have options available for that too.

Getting the Most Value Out of Your Back Bar Coolers

We want you to get the best value for money out of your back bar coolers. So we are providing some useful tips that will help you get the most out of your investment. Always disconnect the power before cleaning: Not only will it be safer, but you will also actually use more electricity cleaning a running back bar fridge with the door open than you will with an unplugged fridge that has to re-cool itself afterward.
Use Odorless cleaning chemicals: Try to avoid the use of scented cleaning chemicals or disinfectants when cleaning your cooler. You do not want to risk these scents being passed into the goods stored in the cooler. If you are using your cooler to store food, you want to be able to spot the smell of expired foods. Clean the handles on a regular basis: Door and fridge handles are one of the most effective means of spreading germs. This can cause illness to spread more easily between staff and customers.

Why buy from Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment?

Iron Mountain Refrigeration is a locally owned business and we offer a warranty on all of our coolers. This provides accountability and security to your investment. As an online store, we do not deal with the same overheads that you may find in a retail store, such as sales commissions. This allows us to pass the savings directly onto our customers. With locked in free shipping on domestic purchases, you can be sure to get the best deals on back bar coolers when you buy from Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment. Visit our FAQ for additional information. As you search for bar back coolers for sale, keep the experts here at Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment in mind, and be sure to check out our Peakgold and Protocol collections as well as our other on sale products. Iron Mountain Refrigeration is here to help, so feel free to contact us with any questions.

Commercial Freezers

Commercial Freezers

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Iron Mountain Refrigeration offers a great selection of PEAKCOLD, Summit and IKON commercial freezers for sale. Our range of commercial freezers includes undercounter freezers, upright freezers and display freezers for any setting. Stainless steel upright restaurant freezers come in single or double door options. Our commercial upright freezers for sale can be used for storage and glass door retail display. Our 2-door freezer display case is perfect for ice cream display!  Contact us today to see how we can help you find the perfect commercial freezer for you.

A World of Options for You

We have a wide selection of choices to meet your specific needs. For example, we have commercial upright freezers to give your restaurant cold storage in the kitchen area. You’ll also find glass door freezers for retail use so customers can see your frozen wares. Our lineup of industrial freezers also includes undercounter models to save space and provide quick access to certain items or ingredients. Island freezers can be relocated easily to give you additional storage space when and where you need it, as well. To learn more about our complete selection of commercial refrigerators and freezers for retail displays, click on the links or get in touch with one of our representatives today.    

Commercial Ice Makers

Commercial Ice Makers

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Commercial Ice Makers For Sale

Having a reliable commercial ice maker is very important. All too often, people realize that their machine is not performing as it should but by that time it is too late. If you want repeat customers, serving warm soft drinks and cocktails is not a good way to achieve that goal. Our selection of commercial ice makers for sale will ensure that your demand for ice is met, as our units can crank out fresh cubes at a very fast rate. Choosing the wrong commercial ice makers can become a headache you don't want or need. Our great selection will give you the peace of mind you need so you can focus on running your business.

Different applications require different types of ice.

Large cubes work well with cocktails due to less surface area exposure causing drinks to water down.

Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment Offers Interchangeable Ice Dispensers.

Our ice machines can change the sizes of the ice cubes that they produce, allowing for maximum flexibility and value for money for our clients.

Warranty Projection

All of the ice makers in our range come with warranties This gives you, as our customer, peace of mind that not only are we confident in our products, we are accountable to them. This is a level of consumer protection that we take pride in.

A Common Mistake People Make Regarding Commercial Ice Makers and How to Avoid It:

Pay Attention to Hygiene: According to the FDA, ice is to be treated as a food product with both storage and handling. This means that ice machines generally should be cleaned 2-4 times (Every 3-6 months) at a minimum. Depending on how heavily used an ice machine is, or its running temperature, this may have to be more regular. This is to avoid microorganisms that can contaminate the ice.

Symptoms an Ice Maker Needs to be Cleaned

There are many symptoms that are telltale signs a commercial ice maker needs to be cleaned including:
  1. If you find your ice cubes are smaller than usual
  2. Ice cubes are looking cloudy
  3. Ice cubes have a poor form (soft to touch and melt faster)
  4. Ice cubes have a noticeable smell or taste
If you are experiencing these symptoms it is highly likely you need to clean your machine.

Cleaning an Ice Machine:

  1. Always Turn the ice machine off and disable the water supply.
  2. Empty the contents of the ice machine (both ice and water)
  3. Use a 3 part water, 1 part machine cleaner to clean all parts before rinsing thoroughly.
  4. Wipe the surfaces with a soft cloth (to minimize scratching or surface damage).
  5. Let everything air dry.
  6. Once the machine is up and running ALWAYS discard the first batch of ice to ensure there are no remnants of cleaning products.
  7. Test the second batch of ice and you should be good to go.

Related Products That You May Be Interested In

Iron Mountain Refrigeration is a one shop stop for all commercial cooling needs. Other than the ice makers visible here, we also have a range of
back bar coolers, commercial display freezers, and retail display freezers. Iron Mountain Refrigeration is committed to bringing you high-quality commercial refrigeration supplies at great prices. Our customer service is second to none, so don't hesitate to contact us any time with questions. //

Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial Refrigerators

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We have a great selection of commercial refrigerators for sale.  Our lineup of commercial and industrial refrigerators include double door upright or under-counter models as well as glass door upright commercial kitchen stainless restaurant refrigerators. In addition to single- and 2-door commercial refrigerators, we also carry 3-door commercial refrigerators to give you additional storage capacity. These are all available in stainless steel finishes. Please check the retail display coolers collection for more upright glass door refrigerators! Whether you need a small commercial refrigerator or something larger, we provide you with a range of financing options to fit your current situation. We also offer free shipping with curbside delivery for all orders, excluding parts. Deliveries are by appointment and delivered by domestic freight carriers. (Please note that shipments to Washington state and Oregon are currently subject to surcharges and must be processed by phone.) You will be responsible for moving the refrigerator from the curb into your business. If you require additional services such as inside delivery or white glove service, please let us know prior to ordering and we will do our best to accommodate. If you have any questions about any of our commercial refrigerators or commercial freezers, please contact us today!  

Kegerators & Accessories

Kegerators & Accessories

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Commercial Draft Beer Dispensers

Two and four tap double tower commercial draft beer dispensers with refrigerated cabinets and stainless steel interior. Our keg coolers - kegerators - accommodate multiple kegs in different sizes, feature double tap keg towers and interior shelving. If you're looking for a dual tap keg refrigerator for your home bar, the single door draft dispenser is perfect for 2 different draft beers or home brews.

Additional uses for Kegerators and Beer Dispensers

Kegerators are generally designed for use with beer kegs, but they are gaining popularity for dispensing other types of drinks; wine, cold brewed coffee, kombucha, and soda. With home brew kegs, you can put whatever liquid you want inside the keg, pressurize it and dispense it with a kegerator. Different types of liquids require different alterations to the dispense system. Wine and cold brewed coffee use a CO2/Nitrogen blend to pressurize the kegs. These types of drinks also require all stainless steel contact with the dispense system fittings because the higher acid content can corrode the chrome plated brass normally found in dispense systems. You may also need to change out the beer line for silicone wine line, which is less likely to impart flavors. In many larger cities, coffee houses and wineries are offering their products in commercial kegs for use in a kegerator. If that is not available, you can always fill a home brew keg yourself.

Commercial Beer Keg Dispensers

If you need a commercial draft beer system, be sure to
contact us today.

Dual Tap Kegerator Beer Dispensers

All models include free shipping!

Milk Coolers

Milk Coolers

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Our school milk coolers come in a multitude of sizes to match everyone's needs.  Our coolers are highly sought after by schools as an easy solution for keeping milk at optimum temperatures. They can also be used in retail locations where something that is being sold needs to stay cool.  They are energy efficient and have a drop down side for easier reaching.  These are designed for schools, however, they work great in other cafeteria settings as well. Our milk coolers were designed to keep milk cool during school lunches.  They can be easily refilled as the lunch progresses allowing the cooler to take up less space.  We offer the options of 12 or 16 standard milk crate size.  They are both on wheels for easy moving and offer air forced cooling.  Our milk coolers are designed with students in mind with drop-down sides that allow them to reach in and get the milk that is on the bottom of the cooler as well.  This helps keep the lunch line flowing properly and allows the students to help themselves. School Milk Cooler A milk cooler in a cafeteria and school is a great addition.  It can be there offering milk at breakfast and lunch and there is no need for a person to have to do this for them.  If you are looking for school milk coolers for sale, you have come to the right place.  Our school milk coolers are an affordable and easy solution for school's and cafeteria's alike.  These milk coolers can be used in all cafeteria's such as hospitals and nursing homes as well.  They are easy to set up, just plug them into the wall and fill them up.  They work best when there is actual milk or something in them to keep cool, or they tend to run a lot. Each cooler offers a nice open front to keep the lines moving.  We have thought of everything when designing this milk cooler.  When the lunch is over, refill the cooler and close it up.  This will allow it to be more energy efficient when it is not in use. Milk Coolers For Sale The drop down sides are perfect for the kids and aging adults.  There is nothing to close, no doors to slam and well, less to break.   That's important when looking to purchase milk coolers for your cafeteria.  The general public is not as nice on equipment as they should be.  So taking away moving components on your coolers, means less broken hinges or seals as well.  Trust us with your school milk cooler needs.  We have thought of everything to make this an economical choice for all cafeterias. Other Cafeteria Equipment Options Need more than just a school milk cooler? We offer 100's of cooler options. We have commercial grade refrigerators that would be perfect for the cafeteria both at the students level with clear doors or in the back. And, ice makers to provide ice for the school. Our commercial ice makers would be perfect for concessions as well as game night! And, remember we offer free US Shipping and can Ship globally. Iron Mountain Refrigeration prides itself on delivering the highest quality products along with outstanding customer support.  If you have any questions about any of our products, don't hesitate to contact us today.

Open Air Coolers

Open Air Coolers

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Our open-air coolers are designed to keep food or drink cool but easy to grab.  They are even used for things such as flowers and other gift items.  There are just so many great uses for these open-air coolers.  We currently offer a couple of different sizes of open-air coolers to choose from.  Both are on wheels which makes them really easy to move around.  This is perfect for new businesses that are still working on their "best" layout. Advantages of Open Air Coolers Open air coolers are great for instigating impulse purchases from customers in convenient stores, supermarkets or gas stations. Being doorless, they work great to display food items that a quick to grab and go. Customers may have their arms full or be in a rush and open-air coolers can make things convenient.  Counting and arranging stock is much easier. Add Open Air Coolers for Impulse Sales These coolers are made for impulse sales and should be near the registers.  However, there are some stores that like to use them for all their products and that certainly is okay as well. If you are a small grocery store with more foot traffic, a doored cooler can be an inconvenience to shoppers. That's where these open-air coolers come into play.  You will be able to maximize your cooler space and have fewer traffic issues and doors to deal with.  If your space is small, these style coolers are perfect. Worried about energy efficiency? That isn't a problem, as the coolers are designed with energy efficiency in mind.  The way the blowers are places as well as they come with a nighttime curtain that allows them to be better closed up when the shop is.  However, if your shop never closes, these machines can keep up without an issue.  And, we offer free shipping within the US. If you are looking to furnish a new store, deli, restaurant, cafeteria, gas station or other commercial location, we have all of the commercial refrigeration equipment and supplies you need, including your coolers, refrigerators, freezers, ice makers and more. Commercial Open Air Coolers Each open-air cooler comes with its own great features such as tempered glass, stainless steel housing, LED lighting and more. They have ample lighting to make the products inside pop and allows people to clearly see your products. Since LED lighting produces no heat, this is the best lighting for coolers and freezers. Having the right lighting is important to the bottom line. And, that's why we ensure all our coolers have great lighting and design. They have digital controls so setting the temperature is extremely easy and there is no guesswork. And, the shelves are adjustable to offer ample space for your food or drinks. And, you can mix it up, offering food and drinks in the same cooler for easy grab and go lunches or snacks for your customers. These open-air coolers are the perfect choice to create a quick grab and go solution for your clients. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. We do offer returns, however, they are on a case by case bases on what works best. And, we offer free shipping to all our customers in the US.

Residential Bar Coolers

Residential Bar Coolers

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Looking for a back bar cooler for your home bar?  These coolers offer the same quality as our commercial back bar coolers but without the added cost of certification for commercial use. Designed to fit under a standard counter, the bar refrigerators can be built in with only a 3" clearance required for circulation, leaving your home bar looking custom built and amazing!

Retail Display Freezers

Retail Display Freezers

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Commercial Display Freezers for Sale: NSF Certified

Looking for a commercial display freezer?  Our collection of commercial upright retail display freezers includes single and two-door models. The 2-door glass front freezer is suitable for retail display in stores and markets, and the single door upright freezer is perfect if you have limited space. We now also carry glass top island freezers!

Advantages of Upright Glass Door Freezers vs Chest Freezers

When choosing a display freezer, generally the first decision that needs to be made is whether to use a chest freezer or an upright freezer. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages. Most of which will be addressed below.
  • Upright Display Freezers generally occupy about half the floor space that a chest freezer will. This allows for more foot traffic through a business
  • The owner of a standing display freezer can put desirable and impulse purchase products directly at eye level with consumers. Products like ice-cream usually occupy higher shelves and essentials like frozen vegetables usually occupy lower levels.
  • Customers generally have an easier time buying from standing displays. This is because the products are visible from a distance rather than the buyer having to stand immediately near it to view the inventory.
  • Standing displays are easier for owners to arrange and count inventory. Especially when trying to follow first-in-first-out procedures to avoid selling expired inventory.
  • Chest freezers will generally use less electricity than upright ones. However, the inconvenience of customers and staff having to open and close these has caused many grocery stores to opt for topless chest freezers, which use a significantly larger amount of electricity

Advantages of Buying From Iron Mountain Refrigeration

Iron Mountain Refrigeration Never Forgets the Investment

We always put customer service first. We are constantly meeting new customers who have been burned in the past by online marketplace vendors. We are a real business and employ real people whose job is to deliver nothing but excellence in price & service. We strive to treat every new customer like they are our first. Whether our customer is starting a retail business or replacing their own parts, we understand that it can be stressful to set aside the finances for new equipment. We encourage all our customers, especially those new to retail, to call our friendly team so that we can assist you in finding the best equipment for your needs and budget. We strive to build a lasting relationship as opposed to a set and forget mentality that can be found amongst drop-shippers.

Caring For Your Retail Display Freezer Made Easy

Our Upright Commercial Display Freezers come with a controller for programmable temperature set points between -10 and 0° F. They even have programmable defrost routines to ensure that your frozen products are always looking their best and are significantly easier to clean. Whatever your commercial refrigeration needs are, Iron Mountain Refrigeration will work hard to make sure you leave happy.  If you have any questions about any of the products in our collection feel free to reach out and contact us right away. //