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Accucold 24" Wide Upright Vaccine Refrigerator, Medical Refrigeration  - Iron Mountain

Accucold 24″ Wide Upright Vaccine Refrigerator


as low as $69.29 / month

Accucold 28" Wide Pharmacy Refrigerator, Medical Refrigeration  - Iron Mountain

Accucold 28″ Wide Pharmacy Refrigerator – Right Hand Door


as low as $78.46 / month

Accucold 50" Upright Vaccine Refrigerator, Medical Refrigeration  - Iron Mountain

Accucold 50″ Upright Vaccine Refrigerator


as low as $49.64 / month

Pharmacy & Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers

Accucold offers a wide line of purpose-built medical fridges and freezers specially designed for vaccine refrigeration. Medical refrigeration is available in a range of sizes. These units are tested and featured for convenient use in pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.

Medical & Lab Freezers

Accucold’s medical freezer line offers a variety of choices to meet a range of needs in the laboratory and medical marketplace. Our selection of medical freezers for vaccine storage and more includes -20º and -25ºC capable manual defrost units, as well as built-in frost-free freezers specially constructed for reliable cold storage and maximum customer convenience.

Medical & Lab Refrigerators

From countertop choices to 49 cu.ft. units, Accucold’s selection of life science medical refrigeration offers reliable solutions to cold storage. These medical fridges are purpose-built to maintain temperature stability, with user-friendly features for added peace of mind in highly sensitive storage applications. Our selection of pharmaceutical refrigerators includes solid and glass door choices, as well as 32 inch high units for use in settings following guidelines for ADA compliance.

These fridges for medical stores and other facilities also ensure compliance with CDC regulations. Keeping vaccines and other pharmaceutical products at specific temperature ranges is critical for maintaining their efficacy and integrity. Accucold medical refrigerators for vaccines and medications feature digital thermostats to ensure accurate settings at all times.

Why Order a Medical Refrigerator From Iron Mountain?

When you order a pharmacy refrigerator from Iron Mountain, we also offer free curbside freight shipping, with lift gate and delivery appointment to most locations for all new units. This includes shipping to medical facilities such as laboratories, hospitals and medical offices as well as pharmacies. Please note that shipments to Washington state and Oregon are subject to a surcharge at the present time and must be processed by phone. Each one of our new refrigeration units is covered under warranty, as well.

Contact us for more information about any of these units or to buy yours today.