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Kool-It 48" Open Air Merchandiser, Open Air  - Iron Mountain

Kool-It 48″ Open Air Merchandiser


as low as $139.72 / month

Kool-It 36" Black Open Air Cooler

Kool-It 36″ Black Open Air Cooler


as low as $102.20 / month

Kool-It 36" Open Air Merchandiser Cooler, Open Air  - Iron Mountain

Kool-It 36″ Open Air Merchandiser Cooler


as low as $115.93 / month

Procool Open Air Display Cooler

Procool Open Air Display Cooler


as low as $82.66 / month

Our open-air coolers are designed to keep food or drink cool but easy to grab.  They are even used for things such as flowers and other gift items.  There are just so many great uses for these open-air coolers.  We currently offer a couple of different sizes of open-air coolers to choose from.  Both are on wheels which makes them really easy to move around.  This is perfect for new businesses that are still working on their “best” layout.

Advantages of Open Air Coolers

Open air coolers are great for instigating impulse purchases from customers in convenient stores, supermarkets or gas stations.

Being doorless, they work great to display food items that a quick to grab and go.
Customers may have their arms full or be in a rush and open-air coolers can make things convenient.  Counting and arranging stock is much easier.

Add Open Air Coolers for Impulse Sales

These coolers are made for impulse sales and should be near the registers.  However, there are some stores that like to use them for all their products and that certainly is okay as well.

If you are a small grocery store with more foot traffic, a doored cooler can be an inconvenience to shoppers. That’s where these open-air coolers come into play.  You will be able to maximize your cooler space and have fewer traffic issues and doors to deal with.  If your space is small, these style coolers are perfect.

Worried about energy efficiency?

That isn’t a problem, as the coolers are designed with energy efficiency in mind.  The way the blowers are places as well as they come with a nighttime curtain that allows them to be better closed up when the shop is.  However, if your shop never closes, these machines can keep up without an issue.  And, we offer free shipping within the US.

If you are looking to furnish a new store, deli, restaurant, cafeteria, gas station or other commercial location, we have all of the commercial refrigeration equipment and supplies you need, including your coolers, refrigerators, freezers, ice makers and more.

Commercial Open Air Coolers

Each open-air cooler comes with its own great features such as tempered glass, stainless steel housing, LED lighting and more. They have ample lighting to make the products inside pop and allows people to clearly see your products.

Since LED lighting produces no heat, this is the best lighting for coolers and freezers. Having the right lighting is important to the bottom line. And, that’s why we ensure all our coolers have great lighting and design. They have digital controls so setting the temperature is extremely easy and there is no guesswork. And, the shelves are adjustable to offer ample space for your food or drinks. And, you can mix it up, offering food and drinks in the same cooler for easy grab and go lunches or snacks for your customers.

These open-air coolers are the perfect choice to create a quick grab and go solution for your clients. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. We do offer returns, however, they are on a case by case bases on what works best. And, we offer free shipping to all our customers in the US.