Grocery Store & Supermarket Refrigerators

Grocery stores and supermarkets rely on refrigeration for success. Supermarket refrigerators and freezers keep products fresh, improve food safety, and increase sales. However, not just any grocery store refrigeration system will do the trick. Your business needs professional-grade equipment that performs optimally, saves energy, and promotes easy access to products for customers.

Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment specializes in selling the highest-quality commercial-grade refrigeration equipment, including supermarket freezers, refrigerators, deli cases, ice makers, and more. 

Benefits of Professional-Grade Supermarket Coolers and Freezers

Supermarkets achieve success by setting themselves apart from the competition. Customers want to be able to grab quality fresh or frozen products quickly and continue throughout their day. A professional-grade supermarket fridge or freezer will help achieve customer satisfaction while increasing energy efficiency and providing superior sales solutions for your store. 

Commercial freezers, refrigerators, and coolers improve sales and promote customer satisfaction in numerous ways:

  • Superior food safety through prevention of contamination and bacteria growth
  • Easy access to grab-and-go items, encouraging higher sales
  • Prolonged shelf life for less food waste
  • Improved energy efficiency 
  • Unique refrigeration solutions to suit a range of products 

Your grocery store and your customers benefit from professional-grade display coolers, freezers, open-air supermarket coolers, and other top-quality commercial kitchen equipment.

Our Grocery Store and Supermarket Refrigeration Products

At Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment, we provide numerous commercial refrigeration products ideal for supermarkets and grocery stores. We’re known for offering the highest quality, most dependable products from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Superior longevity means fewer repairs that can cut into a supermarket’s profits. 

The following are several of our top refrigeration products for supermarkets and grocery stores. 

Retail Display Coolers

We offer a variety of display coolers from the industry’s most trusted brands. In our inventory, you’ll find single-door, two-door, and three-door retail coolers equipped with lighting and adjustable shelving.

Retail Display Freezers

Our selection of retail display freezers includes one and two-door models, upright glass door freezers, chest freezers, and glass-top island freezers. We make it easy for your customers to see what they need, grab it, and go.

Deli Cases

Deli cases put cold cuts, cheese, seafood, salads, and other high-quality products on display. These refrigeration products are ideal for your supermarket’s sandwich counter, bakery, and more.

Open Air Coolers

An open-air cooler makes an excellent vegetable cooler for supermarket use. It can also display flowers, deli sandwiches, and other grab-and-go items. The products are easy to access and convenient for supermarket employees to replace. Your grocery store’s impulse sales can thrive with open-air coolers. 

At Iron Mountain Refrigeration, we offer all the commercial refrigeration products your grocery store or deli needs. Additional products you may want to consider include:

  • Kegerators and accessories
  • Commercial ice makers
  • Commercial refrigerators and freezers
  • Cake display cases
  • Milk coolers
  • Cold drink dispensers
  • And more 

Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment Warranties

You can rest assured that all Iron Mountain’s new refrigeration products are under warranty. Warranty terms and conditions vary based on the product and are available on each product’s page. 

Note: Some warranties are not valid for residential use. Operating equipment outdoors, modifying it, or using it to store hazardous materials voids all warranties. 

Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment is your trusted source for grocery store and supermarket refrigeration equipment. We’re known for our unrivaled, personalized customer service that isn’t strictly online. Contact us now to upgrade your supermarket with the industry’s most dependable commercial-grade refrigeration equipment.