Restaurant Refrigerators

Having professional-grade equipment is crucial for the operation of your restaurant. Ovens, fryers, ranges, freezers and restaurant refrigerators keep your kitchen running in top condition. Not only does this heavy-duty equipment help properly cook and store food, but also it can help you expand your menu.

The Benefits of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment offers numerous advantages for your foodservice establishment. For example, restaurants-style refrigerators and restaurant freezers help keep food fresh and at the right temperature, which helps avoid contamination and spoilage. This ensures the food you prepare for guests is safe and prevents the risk of foodborne illnesses.

Additionally, having the right restaurant refrigeration equipment boosts efficiency for your kitchen staff. For instance, high-quality equipment helps chefs cook better and faster, which streamlines your operating processes. This also means that guests don’t have to wait long for their order, which can improve customer satisfaction.

Similarly, restaurant fridges and refrigerated chef bases keep ingredients within easy reach for the kitchen staff. Having convenient access to ingredients means quicker food preparation and a smoother workflow for your team. Moreover, refrigerated chef bases help conserve space and provide a surface for other commercial cooking equipment.

Restaurant coolers and other professional-grade equipment are also highly durable. They are designed to work with a large volume of ingredients and are made with high-quality materials. This means they can last for many years.

Our Commercial Refrigeration Products & Equipment

Iron Mountain Refrigeration provides a wide range of commercial-grade equipment for restaurants, including the following:

We can help outfit your restaurant with high-quality equipment. Our display coolers even feature adjustable temperature control and shelves that you can customize to your needs. Moreover, we are proud to offer exceptional customer service and premium equipment that has a long lifespan. We even provide free freight shipping with a lift gate.

Our Warranty

Iron Mountain Refrigeration is confident in our refrigeration equipment, and we provide a warranty with every purchase. This includes display freezers, back bar coolers and more. However, please note that modifying our equipment, storing harmful substances inside of it or placing it outdoors will void the warranty. Please see our FAQ page for more details.

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