Procool 3-Door Back Bar Cooler – Stainless Steel


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Procool Stainless Steel 3-Door Back Bar Cooler

Procool 3-Door Back Bar Cooler - Stainless Steel BS-3 BB-3
Dimensions: 54″ W x 21″ D x 36″ H
Capacity: 11.3 Cubic Feet / 320 Liters (approximately 150 cans)
Temperature Range: 33-50°F (0-10°C)
Model SSBB-A3
Compressor: 1/5 HP
Voltage: 115/60/1
Amps: 1.3

Back Bar Cooler with 3 Doors

This Procool stainless steel 3-door glass front back bar cooler features an internal fan-assisted cooling system with a professional grade compressor and separate cooling fan to maintain an evenly distributed temperature. The exterior has a stainless steel front and the interior is polished stainless steel. This counter height bar cooler is controlled digitally with an Italian made system, which includes a defrost timer and LED display. This three glass door beverage cooler comes with a lock and key, adjustable front feet for leveling, self-evaporating water tray, chrome plated metal shelves, interior lighting and a double-glazed self closing door with tempered glass.

3 Door Bar Back Cooler


Weight 246.00061063637 lbs
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17 Questions about Procool 3-Door Back Bar Cooler - Stainless Steel

  1. ThriveAdmin says:

    The interior dimensions of this cooler are not exact due to the compressor space taken up on the bottom and the fan on the top. The width is 49″, the height is 29.25″ and the depths are bottom 7″, middle 14.25″ and top 12.75″.

  2. Melissa says:

    Can I add wheels to the bottom of this?

    1. Michelle Chavez says:

      Unfortunately this model does not have wheels available.

  3. ThriveAdmin says:

    How much weight can each shelf hold and at what increments are the shelves adjustable to?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      The shelves on this back bar cooler can hold approximately 75 lbs. They are adjustable on a 14 3/4 bracket at 1/2 inch increments.

  4. ThriveAdmin says:

    I am considering this to use for my bar and would like to put sixtel kegs in it. If you remove the shelves, what are the dimensions of the floor on the inside of the cooler (in front of the compressor area at the back) and the interior height of the cooler. It is tough to tell from the pictures if the fans are toward the back, or come all the way out toward the front.

  5. ThriveAdmin says:

    Do you have any with out glass and what is the price

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      We do not have this cooler with solid doors, however we have 48″ solid door and a 60″ solid door available.

  6. ThriveAdmin says:

    Do you guys make one that is 33 inches tall so it will fit under a standard counter bar?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      We do have a 33″ model available now. It is not health department certified for commercial use. You can see it here.

  7. ThriveAdmin says:

    Thinking about buying this cooler for a basement bar next to a theater area. How quiet is this unit?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      This is a commercial grad cooler, so it is louder then your kitchen refrigerator, around 56 dB.

  8. ThriveAdmin says:

    Can food be stored in the PROCOOL 3-DOOR BACK BAR COOLER just a traditional refrigerator?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      This bar cooler can be used to store food, however this could cause issues with interior condensation due to the moisture level of some foods.

  9. ThriveAdmin says:

    Are the shelves compatible to hold beer bottles as well as cans?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      Yes, you can fit either.

  10. ThriveAdmin says:

    Is the height the only difference between this commercial grade cooler and it’s residential counterpart? Also, is this commercial grade cooler covered to be in a residential setting?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      Yes, the only physical difference is the height. The warranty on both is valid in a residential setting.

  11. ThriveAdmin says:

    Does the unit have lights on the interior?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      Yes, there is an LED light strip across the top.

  12. ThriveAdmin says:

    Can this refrigerator be used in an outdoor bar.

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      Unfortunately our coolers are not rated for outdoor use.

  13. ThriveAdmin says:

    How much space is needed on the side for proper air flow?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      The 3-Door Back Bar Cooler does not require any space on the sides for air flow. A 3″ space is recommended in the back of the bar cooler.

  14. ThriveAdmin says:

    What are the electrical requirements for this?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      The 3-Door Back Bar Cooler uses a 115V standard power supply, draws 1.3 amps and can be plugged into a regular outlet.

  15. ThriveAdmin says:

    Where is the power cord located on the back and how long is the cord. I am installing the electrical in the wall and need to locate it correctly.

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      When facing the glass front of the 3 door back bar cooler, the power cord is on the right side in the rear and is 5-6 ft long.

  16. ThriveAdmin says:

    I’m looking to buy the 3 door back bar cooler……..I want to place it under the counter. Will it be ok for ventilation under counter? Also I need it to be 34.5 inches to fit underneath granite. Contractor asked if possible to get that height. i.e. are there feet on bottom or is the top removable?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      This back bar cooler is front venting and requires only 3″ of space in the back. The cooler has adjustable feet for leveling in the front, but this will not significantly change the height. The top is not removeable.

  17. ThriveAdmin says:

    How much does this cooler weigh

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      The stainless steel 3 door glass front back bar cooler weighs 198 lbs. The packaged weight for shipping is 228 lbs.