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A Guide to Restaurant Refrigeration Equipment

October 17, 2022

Setting up a Restaurant? A Guide to Refrigeration Equipment Refrigeration equipment is critical to any restaurant, whether it’s a pizzeria or a fine dining establishment. It keeps food fresh for as long as possible, preventing unnecessary waste and reducing the risk of health code violations. However, some new restaurant owners find it difficult to determine…

Top Five Tips to Choosing a Restaurant Prep Table

September 7, 2022

While a counter will do for preparing food at home, the demands of a commercial kitchen require equipment that’s more durable and versatile. Restaurant prep tables are designed to withstand frequent use and come with features that make food prep as efficient as possible. What Is a Restaurant Prep Table? If you’re new to the…

Wine Fridge 101 | Everything You Need to Know When Choosing a Wine Fridge

July 21, 2022

  Running a bar, restaurant or food establishment can be difficult on many levels and keeping your food and beverages cool is just one of the many tasks on your list.  Choosing the right commercial wine cooler is a good place to start to ensure your wines and other beverages are kept at an optimal…

Five Tips to Displaying Drool-Worthy Baked Goods

July 5, 2022

Creating an eye-catching display is vital for stores, bakeries, and coffee shops. Your baked goods aren’t just there to tantalize taste buds; they should also be pleasing to the eye. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can use your cake display case to creatively show your delicious baked goods–and help increase sales.…

Kit Out Your Bar with the Right Equipment

Kit Out Your Bar with the Right Equipment

June 9, 2022

Are you turning a space into a new neighborhood bar? Exciting times ahead! We’re sure you’re in the throws of setting up shop and making a hundred different decisions. Do you need a kegerator? What about a wine fridge or back bar cooler? How about a commercial ice maker? While this is an exciting chapter…