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Commercial Draft Beer Dispensers

Two and four tap double tower commercial draft beer dispensers with refrigerated cabinets and stainless steel interior. Our keg coolers - kegerators - accommodate multiple kegs in different sizes, feature double tap keg towers and interior shelving. If you're looking for a dual tap keg refrigerator for your home bar, the single door draft dispenser is perfect for 2 different draft beers or home brews. 

Additional uses for Kegerators and Beer Dispensers

Kegerators are generally designed for use with beer kegs, but they are gaining popularity for dispensing other types of drinks; wine, cold brewed coffee, kombucha, and soda. With home brew kegs, you can put whatever liquid you want inside the keg, pressurize it and dispense it with a kegerator. Different types of liquids require different alterations to the dispense system. Wine and cold brewed coffee use a CO2/Nitrogen blend to pressurize the kegs. These types of drinks also require all stainless steel contact with the dispense system fittings because the higher acid content can corrode the chrome plated brass normally found in dispense systems. You may also need to change out the beer line for silicone wine line, which is less likely to impart flavors. In many larger cities, coffee houses and wineries are offering their products in commercial kegs for use in a kegerator. If that is not available, you can always fill a home brew keg yourself.

Commercial Beer Keg Dispensers

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Dual Tap Kegerator Beer Dispensers

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