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Procool 2-Door Upright Cooler

Procool 2 Door Upright Display Cooler - Merchandiser - Iron Mountain Refrigeration CSD-1000

Beverage Display Cooler Details:

Dimensions: 45″ W x 28.5″ D x 80″ H
Interior Dimensions: 41″ W x 24″ D x 54″ H
Capacity: 35.3 Cubic ft. (Approximately 1230 cans)
Temperature Range: 33-50°F (0-10°C)
Compressor: 1/4 HP
Model: CSD-1000
Voltage: 115/60/1
Amps: 3.3

Quality Procool 2 Door Upright display Cooler

This Procool 2 door upright beverage display cooler features a dynamic cooling system. The commercial grade compressor and circulation fans provide fast cooling and an even inside temperature for your product. The digital temperature controller shows the current temperature and system settings on an easy to read LED display. This cooler has an automatic defrost system which drains into a heated, self evaporating tray underneath the cooler that never needs emptying. The eight included shelves are individually adjustable to make room for products of various heights. Extra shelves are available for purchase as well.  The double glass doors on this merchandiser are dual paned and tempered on the exterior for additional safety. The self-closing feature keeps the doors closed after each use, and a lock and key secure the contents after hours.

The lighted ad canopy can be left white or customized to showcase your business logo, the products you sell or one of our 4 pre-selected designs. Two vertical interior LED lights completely illuminate each shelf for added attention. The classic design of this display cooler make it suitable for a variety of products in any business or home.

We are also able to wrap the sides of this cooler with a design of your choice. Contact us to discuss your options today!

* This cooler is not recommended for cake storage or display due to humidity levels.

Commercial 2 Door beverage display Cooler

 Procool 2 door upright beverage display cooler energy guide label Procool 2 door upright beverage display cooler spec sheet

Take a look at our space saving sliding door model.

Weight 395 lbs
Beginning October 1, 2021, Procool Refrigeration and PeakCold lines feature a 3 part warranty program! Your purchase includes a 1 Year Full Parts and Labor Warranty, an additional 2 Year Part Supply Warranty, and another 2 Year Part warranty on the Compressor! For warranty service, contact or call 833-734-8880.
  • Warranties are not supported outside the continental United States
  • Warranties are not transferable to other parties.
  • Some brands do not support product warranties for residential use.
  • Warranties do not cover the loss of product or income due to equipment malfunction.
  • Placing the equipment outdoors, using it to store hazardous materials or modifying the equipment in any way voids all warranties.
Prior to 10-01-21: 1 year warranty on parts and labor. An additional 2 year part-only warranty applies to the compressor.
All new refrigeration units stocked in our warehouse include free curbside freight delivery with appointments and lift gates as needed. Please see our shipping page for details.
Parts and Shelves
Extra shelves and parts are shipped via FedEx, UPS or USPS with weight based flat fees added at checkout.
Special Order Products
Certain products we offer are shipped directly from the manufacturer. These products have shipping times that vary based on availability. If you would like an estimate for delivery on any other special order products, please contact us and we will provide one.

14 Questions about Procool 2-Door Upright Display Cooler

  1. Danielle damata says:

    Hi. What is the humidity level In this cooler. I’m looking for something at least 80% humidity for flowers. Thank you.

    1. Michelle Chavez says:

      This cooler does not have a humidity guage, however we do have several customers who use it for flowers.

  2. ThriveAdmin says:

    Can you get it in black, Do you ship to NC for free. This would be a residence, use is for a personal garage man cave

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      Free shipping is inclued nationwide, residences included! Unfortunately this model only comes in white with black trim. We have had customers use sign printing companies to get custom decals to go over the white sides and display panel.

  3. ThriveAdmin says:

    The height is shown as 80″. Is that with or without the casters?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      The height includes the wheels on this cooler.

  4. ThriveAdmin says:

    Parts Support – do you carry and sell parts for this cooler past the warranty period?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      We do have most major parts for all of our products and can get them as needed from the manufacturer.

  5. ThriveAdmin says:

    Is there a discount if three are ordered?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      Yes, we can provide a custom discount when multiple items are ordered and shipped to the same address. Give us a call at 833-734-8880.

  6. ThriveAdmin says:

    Can this unit be plugged into a residential electric of 110 volt?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      Yes, it runs on a standard outlet and can be used residentially.

  7. ThriveAdmin says:

    what is power consumption for this model in hp?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      This display cooler has a 1/4 HP compressor.

  8. ThriveAdmin says:

    Is there any credit plans for this cooler?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      We offer financing through First Lease and PayPal. You can see the details by checking our Financing page.

  9. ThriveAdmin says:

    We purchased 2 of these for our Tavern. Can we dim the LED lights? Also, how do we adjust the temperature? There are buttons on the front, but the included literature does not address these. Thank you.

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      Unfortunately, there is no way to dim the lights. To adjust the temperature, you will find a user’s guide under the Manuals section at the top of our website, as well as a YouTube video.

  10. ThriveAdmin says:

    does this cooler have sliding doors or pull doors?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      The cooler on this page has swing doors, however it is available with sliding doors as well.

  11. ThriveAdmin says:

    The picture reveals 8 shelves. Is this what comes with this item?

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      Yes, this display cooler comes with 4 shelves per side.

  12. ThriveAdmin says:

    Can this unit be used for flowers? I’m looking for cooling that is specific for flowers.

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      We have many customers using this for floral display. It is a multipurpose cooler. There is no humidity control, but the teprerature range is programmable.

  13. ThriveAdmin says:

    Can the cooler be set outside and used.

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      This cooler is not certified for outdoor use.

  14. ThriveAdmin says:

    Where are you located

    1. ThriveAdmin says:

      Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment warehouse is in Bristol, Wisconsin. We are located in southeast Wisconsin, just north of the Illinois – Wisconsin border and just a 10 minute drive west of Interstate 94. We offer free shipping nationwide!