What To Look For In A Wine Fridge

Whether you’re a business owner catering to wine enthusiasts or want to enjoy something from your own personal stock at home, having a good-quality wine fridge is essential. Being able to store bottles in the ideal conditions ensures you or your customers have the best possible experience. There are a lot of options out there, and it’s crucial to know what to look for in a wine refrigerator before you buy. In addition to finding something that fits the space you have available, you need to think about the features and form factor that meet your own personal preferences and requirements. Here is a quick rundown of what to look for in a wine fridge so you have a good idea of what will deliver the best results for you.

Capacity and Size

Does your restaurant have an extensive wine list? Are you a collector with a large number of bottles you want to keep in pristine condition? Thermoelectric wine coolers are available in a wide range of sizes, from countertop units to freestanding models that are about the size of the fridge in your kitchen or larger. The capacity can range from allowing you to store a few dozen bottles to nearly 300. It’s important to determine how much wine you need to keep chilled as well as where it will be installed.

Temperature Control

Preserving wine is a bit of an art form and requires maintaining the proper balance of temperature and humidity inside the cooler. Many wine refrigerators include dual-zone options that enable you to store wine inside them with different conditions. Above all else, it’s crucial to make sure the unit you choose is capable of maintaining a consistent environment inside regardless of what’s going on outside it. Advanced controls are a plus because they will adjust automatically to the conditions in your space.

Features and Functionality

There are a number of optional features that may or may not be useful for you given your circumstances. For example, door locks might be a good choice if you’re going to place your wine fridge in a public space or if you live in a house with young children. Vibration dampening helps protect your wine if you’re close to a highway. If you need to place your cooler in a place that receives a lot of natural sunlight, you may want to invest in UV-protective glass for the doors. Adjustable shelves are another handy thing to have for storing champagne bottles and other unusually sized items.

Additional Factors

Of course, the price of the unit will be one of the single most important limiting factors when it comes to selecting your new wine fridge. It’s always a good idea to have your budget in mind as you shop because it will help you narrow down your choices and prevent you from wasting time researching units that are out of your price range.

Many businesses and homeowners also are concerned about how much energy their appliances consume. An energy-efficient wine fridge not only reduces your utility bills but also your ecological footprint by consuming fewer resources. If possible, try to find out how much noise a model generates, because this could interfere with the ambiance of your restaurant if it’s too noisy. The brand you choose also makes a difference because certain brands have better reputations for dependability.

Let Iron Mountain Help You Choose

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