What Is The Standard Size Of A Wine Fridge?

Big things are expected for the wine cooler market over the next decade. Industry analysts predict 6% overall growth in the marketplace thanks to a deepening appreciation for wine in practically every respect. Even casual wine drinkers know more about it than ever before, thanks to enthusiasts sharing their knowledge over the internet. Restaurants and bars want to increase the diversity of what they offer to court these savvier customers. Many collectors see each bottle as an investment to be preserved for a higher return in the future.

All of this means a growing market for wine fridges to create the ideal storage conditions. These units must do more than keep bottles chilled — they have to be fine-tuned in terms of temperature and humidity to ensure the highest levels of quality. Whether you own a business the sells wine or want to start a collection at home, having the right cooler is essential. This means choosing one that is the right size for your needs, among other considerations. Read on to learn more about your options.

Wine Fridge Sizes

What is the standard size of a wine fridge? There is no one answer, as these units can run all the way from countertop models sold for home kitchens to large-scale commercial wine fridges used by restaurants. In general, however, there are three main categories in terms of dimensions. Knowing which one fits your general requirements will give you a good starting point for further exploration.

  • Small — Generally between 15 to 18 inches in width, these are about the size of a trash compactor. They’re designed for home use or to store bottles for easy access behind a bar and can store nearly 40 bottles in most cases.
  • Medium — These are found in commercial settings as well as many homes thanks to factors in their variety of forms. Some are under-counter models that are about the same size and shape as a dishwasher, while others are narrower but tall enough to fit between cabinetry and allow for access without having to bend or crouch. They typically fit between 40 and 100 bottles depending on their dimensions.
  • Large — Although large-scale wine fridges usually are reserved for restaurants and other commercial environments, there are a fair number of serious collectors and enthusiasts who make room in their homes for one. These tend to be roughly 30 inches wide and larger, with a storage capacity of up to 300 bottles.

Other Considerations

Of course, the size of a wine fridge is far from the only thing to consider when selecting the ideal unit for your needs. Before you begin shopping for a new unit, you also need to think about your:

  • Budget — The amount of money you can spend on a wine cooler is one of the most important factors influencing your ultimate decision.
  • Location — Make sure you know exactly where your new fridge will be placed to ensure it will fit and be convenient to access.
  • Installation — If you plan to install your fridge into a recessed space, you will need a unit with front-facing exhaust.
  • Layout — Many units allow you to change which way the door swings out, but many don’t. Make sure you choose one that fits your layout.
  • Racking — Adjustable racks make it easier to store unusually shaped bottles.
  • Temperature needs — A unit with dual temperature zones allow you to store wines with different needs together.

Choose the Right Wine Fridge From Iron Mountain Refrigeration

Selecting the right unit for your needs means you’ll experience all the wine fridge benefits you want. Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment has a wide selection of thermoelectric wine coolers for you to choose from. Whether you’re adding capacity for your business or creating the ideal setup for your enjoyment at home, we can help you make the right choice. Get in touch with us today to learn more.