Tips to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Convenience Store

convenience store strategy; image of store clerk serving customers

There are over 150,000 convenience stores in the United States. They offer customers many benefits, like service speed, extended hours, one-stop shopping and grab and go food. Running a convenience store is no easy task, and competition can be fierce. Here are a few tips to add to your convenience store strategy to drive foot traffic:

Master Curb Appeal and Store Signage

First impressions matter. Make sure your store’s exterior is clean, well-lit and inviting to increase shopper traffic. Investing in attractive signage, window displays or even outdoor seating areas can catch the attention of passersby and lead them to step inside. Effective signage is as important outside your store as it is inside. Use in-store signage and convenience store layout as a form of suggestive selling. Learn how to design a store layout and how to display products in a way that improves sales.

Prioritize Customer Experience

Friendly and attentive customer service can make all the difference. Train your staff to greet customers, offer help and provide personalized recommendations. Encourage employees to upsell and cross-sell products and put customer satisfaction first. Customers are often in a hurry, so staff should always put customer needs like check-out over tasks like mopping floors or setting up product displays.

Stock Popular and Niche Products

Stock your store with a wide range of popular, high-demand items and niche products that cater to specific customer preferences. Stay informed about trends and adjust your inventory to meet convenience store consumer behavior. Health food items are one current trend worth stocking. A recent report found that 70% of the United States population eats plant-based foods, so including vegan options could be one niche product to start stocking. Consider carrying other products not found in the local area to make your store stand out.

Offer Promotions and a Loyalty Program

Everyone loves a good deal. Run special promotions, discounts and loyalty programs to encourage customers to visit your store and increase store sales. Consider offering buy-one-get-one deals, discounts on hot meals or loyalty rewards for frequent shoppers to keep them coming back. A recent report found that loyalty programs can boost revenue by 15-25% annually.

Make the Most of Technology

Harness the power of technology to streamline operations, improve the customer experience and better market your store. Use self-checkout kiosks or mobile payment options to make shopping quick and hassle-free for customers. Recent studies found mobile ordering spiked 47% in C-Stores, so if you aren’t using mobile ordering, it’s a good idea to start. The same goes for using social media and digital marketing to promote your store and engage with customers online. Start a Facebook page and share promotions and specials regularly.

The Right Refrigeration

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