Your Guide to Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Two Cups of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Many people love the ritual of sipping a cup of java to start their mornings or perk up their afternoons. Drip coffee, brewed coffee and espresso are staples in the world of caffeine, but there’s another alternative that’s surged onto the scene: nitro cold brew coffee or nitro brew. Nitro Cold Brew saw a 904% increase in menu offerings over four years, and it’s expected to keep growing. Learn what it is, how it’s made and how to start serving it at your restaurant, cafe, convenience store or even at home. 

Nitro Cold Brew vs. Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is different from iced coffee. It is made by steeping coffee in cold water for a prolonged period rather than brewing, which mixes coffee with boiling water. Nitro cold brew differs from cold brew because the coffee is infused with nitrogen gas. This causes the coffee to have a creamy, foamy texture like Guinness. The taste is more indulgent and subtly sweet, offering a less acidic alternative to traditional black coffee. A cascading effect is created by the nitrogen bubbles rising to the surface, adding to the sensory experience of drinking it. 

The Appeal

Individuals who prefer creative coffee drinks often enjoy this beverage. It also appeals to those who want less bitterness. Usually, no sugar or cream is needed. This makes it healthier than regular coffee. It also has fewer calories than a latte or flavored coffee. Nitro cold brew caffeine levels are higher than regular coffee because it is more concentrated.  

Many popular coffee shops, including Starbucks, now feature nitro cold brew on tap. Adding this product to your establishment expands your offerings and appeals to a broader variety of customers. The price per cup is also higher than that of regular coffee. 

How It’s Made

Nate Armbrust is the food scientist who created nitro cold brew. Inspired by beer brewers who often add nitrogen or carbon dioxide to beer to create its effervescent quality, he applied the same science to coffee. 

Nitro brew begins as regular cold brew coffee. Coffee grounds are steeped in cold water for 12 to 24 hours to make cold brew. The coffee is then infused with nitrogen gas before it’s poured into a glass. It is served cold from the tap or an infusion kettle. The process requires special equipment. 

Equipment Necessary

A nitro coffee conversion kit is needed to make this coffee at home or serve it at your business. This kit includes a kegerator single nitro tap tower, a nitrogen pressure regulator, a nitrogen gas tank and a Cornelius keg. The chrome-plated brass tower is ideal for housing and dispensing your brew. It includes a faucet as well as a 5-inch hose and keg couplers. A PeakCold Single Tap Nitro Coffee Kegerator is also useful. This commercial-grade piece includes a 5-gallon keg and 20 cubic foot nitrogen tank within a cabinet. The nitrogen gas tank can be filled at your local gas distributor. 

Serve Nitro Cold Brew

There are many reasons why it’s beneficial to add this type of coffee to your product line. It’s a popular caffeinated beverage that can help draw more customers to your business. It’s also healthier since it doesn’t need cream and sugar and can be sold at a premium. Studies show margins over 55%. 

If you’re interested in starting to serve nitro cold brew or making it at home, Iron Mountain Refrigeration can help provide the equipment and the knowledge to get started. We are refrigeration experts with unbeatable customer service, warranties, and free shipping to nearly every state. Browse our wide range of commercial refrigeration equipment and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.