Essential Refrigeration Equipment for Opening a Bar

Bars come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the size and theme of your bar, you will need to invest in some essential refrigeration equipment. Without proper refrigeration equipment, you won’t be able to run a bar smoothly and conveniently. 

If you plan to open a bar, this guide will help you discover the essential refrigeration equipment you will need to run your bar in a way that is both profitable for you as a business owner and enjoyable for your customers.

Essential Refrigeration Equipment for a Bar

Refrigeration is essential for a bar. Your refrigeration equipment will not only help you keep your drinks cold but will also help you keep many perishable fruits and garnishes fresh for longer. If you have no idea which refrigeration equipment to buy for your newly opened bar, don’t panic. We have compiled a list of the essential and must-have refrigeration equipment for any bar.

Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators for your drinks and fruits are essential, but what kind of fridge do you need? How many refrigerators will you need? The first thing you should know is that a walk-in cooler in a separate back room is necessary for a bar since it will hold most of your inventory.

However, your bar cannot survive with just one walk-in cooler. How will you run a bar if you are constantly making trips to the back to fetch drinks? This is why you would need another commercial fridge to display your drinks in the bar. This will reduce your trips to the back while allowing you to keep up with your customers’ needs. 

For this purpose, a reach-in freezer that perfectly fits behind or under your bar will be a great choice. It will provide bartenders with easier access to every item they need. Depending on your needs and the size of your bar, a dual-temperature refrigerator and freezer might be an excellent choice for you.

Ice Machine

No bar can function without ice. Your bar will need a constant and dependable supply of ice throughout the year. A gin and tonic wouldn’t have the same taste, look, or feeling without the ice. This is why an ice machine is a piece of essential refrigeration equipment that your bar must have. You can keep your ice machine in your back room and bring the ice to fill a cooler when required. An ice machine will ensure a constant and dependable supply of ice, allowing you to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

Draft Beer Dispensers

Direct draw draft systems are the most common forms of dispensing systems used in bars and restaurants that serve draft beer. Rather than storing kegs in a separate refrigerator or cooler, you can use the draft beer dispensers to keep all the components in one place. Your keg will be kept along with a refrigerated unit just underneath the faucet, with CO2 used to push the beer up through the tap line.

These dispensers are handy. Through these dispensers, you will be able to make sure that your customers get a quick and fair draw every single time. These systems are ideal for bars dealing with a shortage of space and would like to store their kegs underneath the counter rather than in a specialized cooler room.

You can also add a soda hose or fountain with the dispensers. This will allow your bar to serve different combinations of drinks that meet your client’s unique needs.

Underbar Refrigeration Unit

Undercounter refrigeration is the best way to utilize space in a small-sized bar. You can choose these units with both solid or glass doors. However, many bar owners prefer going with thermal doors or triple-paned glass that maximizes their unit’s efficiency and productivity and significantly reduces the risk of shattering due to an accidental bump. You can use your underbar refrigeration unit to neatly organize your inventory items so that your customers have a clear view of what they can order.

Wine Cooler

Wine coolers are glass door refrigerators designed explicitly for bars to display and store wines effectively. To efficiently store wine, your refrigerator must maintain a temperature that may not fall within the standard refrigeration range. This is why your bar must have a wine cooler set at a temperature that is perfect for wine storage.

Glass Froster

Some drinks are best served in chilled glasses. For example, frosty beer is a popular summer drink that every bar should have on tap. However, the best way to serve frosty mugs of beer is in chilled glasses. To successfully chill your drinking glasses, your bar needs a glass froster. This piece of equipment comes in various shapes and sizes that can easily fit underneath your bar.

These are some of the essential refrigeration equipment your newly opened bar must-have. The necessary refrigeration equipment will ensure that your bar runs smoothly and efficiently while keeping your customers happy and satisfied throughout the years. We hope that this guide was helpful for you in finding out precisely what you need for your new bar.

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