Tips on Keeping Drinks Cool In a Bar

If you own a bar, you’re always thinking of ways of keeping the costs low. This can be a difficult endeavor as you also want to make sure that the customers are satisfied. You may need to invest in refrigeration equipment which will ultimately keep the costs low over time. If you’ve purchased the liquor, have a license, and furniture, the next big investment you will need to make is buying an ice machine.

Keeping Drinks Cool in a Bar

An ice machine is crucial in a bar as you always want to keep the drinks cool. As a result, you want a reliable machine that will be able to handle the demands of the bar. If you own a bar, there are some machines that are worth considering and we are going to highlight some of them.

Commercial Mug Froster

This is usually kept beneath the bar. You can store several types of beer glasses, mugs and steins. Frosted mugs are helpful to keep beer cool longer and customers love them. 

The glass froster creates frosted mug that provide a visual highlight for draft or poured beer and keep drinks cool.

Manitowoc Big Shot

If you own a big bar with a lot of customers, you will want something big and the Manitowoc Big Shot is recommended. You can expect the machine to produce up to 313 pounds of gourmet ice every day. There is no side clearance needed which means the machine can be installed alongside other equipment with no major issues. The ice that is produced is both pure and clearly which is something your customers will love. It is recommended for mixed drinks or “drinks on the rocks”.

The two machines will improve the efficiency in your bar and you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get ice.

A reliable ice machine is one of the most important equipment you should have in your bar. Most customers prefer their drinks chilled and this can easily be achieved when there is ice. You can never go wrong with the machines that we’ve recommended regardless of the size of the bar. Cleaning the machine is of very high importance.

It is important that you train your staff to handle the equipment to promote efficiency. You can create signature cocktails having the confidence that there is high-quality ice that will be used to chill the drinks. Investing in an ice machine will pay off in so many ways.

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