Outfitting a Commercial Kitchen

Everything You Need to Know About Outfitting a Commercial Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important components of a business. You need all the necessary equipment and appliances to keep your staff happy. It could be commercial refrigeration equipment is what is missing to complete the kitchen. There is a need for proper planning as far as kitchen equipment is concerned. If you’re thinking about starting a restaurant business, we have highlighted some important equipment that you will need to buy for your commercial kitchen.


It will be impossible for a commercial kitchen to operate without a refrigerator or a freezer. A commercial refrigerator is built differently from the one you will find in a home kitchen. They are designed with industrial grade cooling technology to keep food fresh at all times. There are different sizes and styles when it comes to commercial refrigerators and the discerning buyer should have that in mind. There are two main types of refrigerators that you can choose: walk-in and reach-in units.

A walk-in unit is recommended if you have a lot of foodstuffs that need to be kept cool throughout the day. Walk-in units allow for better organization as you can keep the stuff you don’t need at that particular time. A small restaurant might not need a walk-in unit as there could be a limit with space. Smaller refrigerators are more practical in such circumstances.

Food Processors

There are four different types of food processors you could stock in the kitchen depending on the type of food business you’re running.

Batch bowl: This is the most popular kind of mixture that you will find in small and medium-size kitchens. It can hold up to around six quarts of food without a problem.

Continuous Feed: This processor allows you to add food to appliances when it is running. It is the perfect option if you want to create large batches of food which can be used later.

Buffalo Chopper: This processor comes highly recommended for batch chopping purposes. It can be used to mince vegetables and even tough meat.

Combination: This processor combines both the continuous feed mixer and the batch for a powerful processor which is recommended for a commercial kitchen.


Sinks also play a big role in a commercial kitchen. They are used for dishwashing and also supply water to the kitchen. You need to ensure the commercial kitchen is stocked with the right size of sinks to promote efficiency.


The restaurant will also need an oven and a range. Most ovens come fitted with ranges although there are some manufacturers that sell the two separately. Electric ranges are preferred because they are easy to clean and offer smooth and elegant surfaces. Gas ranges, on the other hand, make it easy for the chefs to control the heat. Countertops could also be considered as kitchen equipment and there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in them. 

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