Troubleshooting Common Commercial Freezer Problems

If your business depends on a commercial freezer, you know how important it is to make sure it keeps running. Any issues with your refrigeration equipment can end up costing you a lot of money. Spoilage can waste your inventory and lead to foodborne illnesses, not to mention the cost of repairing or replacing your unit. Even if your freezer seems to be working well enough, hidden issues can cause it to run less efficiently, wasting energy and jacking up your utility bills. However, knowing the signs of trouble with your freezer and how to resolve them can be the key to keeping it running smoothly for as long as possible. Read on to learn more about troubleshooting freezer problems.

Issues That Could Be Affecting Your Freezer

There are a number of problems that could have a negative impact on your commercial freezer’s performance. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent them from getting worse. Here are some tips for troubleshooting common commercial freezer problems:

  1. Frost building up inside: Most modern freezers feature automatic defrost functionality, but if you have an older model, you might notice thick frost building up on the interior. This can block the vents and coils, reducing its efficiency. To resolve the problem right away, unplug your unit and let it defrost. If the problem persists, call a professional to check for a damaged seal or malfunctioning self-defrost system.
  2. Water leaking onto the floor: Leaks may occur for multiple reasons, including ice buildup inside, a door that doesn’t shut completely or a blocked defrost drain. Check to make sure your freezer doesn’t have any of these issues before you call for repairs. The answer to your problem might be as simple as making sure you’re not overstuffing it.
  3. Strange noises: If you’re noticing unusual sounds coming from your freezer, don’t ignore them. Hissing could mean you have a leak in the refrigerant line, while banging or grinding noises could indicate a problem with the compressor.
  4. Compressor running constantly: You shouldn’t be hearing your freezer’s compressor running all the time. If you do, that means your freezer is struggling to maintain a consistent temperature. Make sure you check for any ice buildup on the coils, blockages of the vents, damage to the door seal or problems with your thermostat settings. If you can’t find the source of the issue yourself, it’s time to call a professional.
  5. Temperature is too warm: If your freezer doesn’t reach the proper temperature according to the thermostat, there’s a chance something is blocking the vents. You also might be having an issue with the seal around the door. Another common culprit is a malfunctioning thermostat that needs to be reset.
  6. Temperature is too cold: Freezers that do their job too well can wreak havoc on the food inside. If you’re experiencing this issue, you may need to check the thermostat. Another frequent cause of this problem is evaporator coils that have frozen, preventing the cold air inside from circulating as it should.

Time for a New Freezer?

If your efforts in troubleshooting these freezer problems prove unsuccessful, it may be time to consider getting a new one. Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment has a wide range of high-quality commercial freezers from the top manufacturers in the industry. We also offer free curbside freight shipping except in Washington and Oregon, so your new unit can be delivered right outside your business for maximum convenience. Our representatives can help you find the exact model of commercial freezer that’s right for your needs. Reach out and get in touch with us today to learn more.