Commercial Freezer Dimensions: How To Choose The Right Size Freezer

If your business depends on cold storage, there’s a good chance you need a commercial freezer. Whether you operate a restaurant, convenience store, ice cream shop, or other type of business, choosing the right size and dimensions from all the commercial freezers available on the market is an important decision. If you choose something that’s too small for your needs, you run the risk of spoiled inventory and decreased sales. On the other hand, buying a freezer that’s too large means you’ll be wasting energy, space, and money. This is why it’s crucial to understand commercial freezer dimensions so you can select the one that’s best for your needs.

Common Commercial Freezer Sizes

There are a wide range of options out there for freezer units. These come in numerous sizes and footprints to fit numerous applications, including:

  • Single-door freezers typically range from 35” to 82.5” in height and 27” to 31” in width.
  • Double-door freezers can be anywhere between 31” and 84” in height and between 36” and 91” in width.
  • Undercounter freezers can range from 27” to 48” in width.
  • Island freezers generally range between 33” and 35” in height and between 27” and 83” in width.

How to Choose the Right Size Freezer for Your Business

Understanding the common commercial freezer dimensions, however, is only part of the solution. There are a wide range of factors you need to consider before purchasing a freezer unit for your business. These include:

  • Footprint — What kind of space do you have available? Would it accommodate a wide, double-door model, or would you need something narrower? Is your available space under a bar or counter?
  • Capacity — How many frozen items do you need to keep on hand at any given time? How large or bulky are they?
  • Style — Is this freezer something that has to be customer-facing or is it strictly for your staff’s use? What does your existing space look like and how will this fit into it? Do you need quick access for frequent use or will be used only on occasion?
  • Budget — How much are you able to spend on your new freezer?

The answers to these questions are a good foundation for choosing the freezer that’s best for your needs. If you operate under the assumption that “bigger is always better,” think again. Depending on your needs and the limitations of your space, it might be a better idea to opt for one of the smaller commercial freezer sizes.

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