Can You Use A Freezer As A Cooler?

At some point, many commercial kitchens find themselves with an extra freezer. Whether equipment has undergone an upgrade or the needs of the business simply changed, we often get the question “Can I convert it into a cooler?” Doing so may sound less expensive, but ultimately may not save you any money.

If you’re wondering, “can you use a freezer as a cooler?” due to a similar situation, the answer is no, at least not without a visit from a qualified technician!

What to Consider Before Converting a Freezer Into a Cooler

Anyone considering this route needs to take several factors into account first. For instance, there may be a need to replace parts or make specific modifications to make it work. Be sure to go over all your options with a qualified technician before making the decision.

Think beyond the thermostat

People often assume that all you need to do is adjust the temperature. This is incorrect. A successful conversion requires more adjustments than this or else the equipment is likely to fail. Due to their primary function, freezers are designed to work at specific temperatures. Exceeding them without the proper precautions may cause irreparable damage.

Don’t disregard defrosting

The unit’s defrosting capabilities must be evaluated. The main difference between a freezer and a cooler is one does a lot of defrosting and the other doesn’t. The unit will need to have its drain pan and warmers adjusted as well as potential part replacements for the insulation, doors, and venting systems.

Consider the compressor carefully

Preventing freezing also requires the compressor to cycle on less frequently. This may call for a replacement to handle the higher temperatures and added pressure. It could also be solved by reprogramming the compressor. A service technician can help determine how best to perform the compressor conversion.

Hopefully these tips have helped you consider the investment of time and money that could be involved when answering the question, “can you use a freezer as a cooler?”

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