Five Tips to Displaying Drool-Worthy Baked Goods

Creating an eye-catching display is vital for stores, bakeries, and coffee shops. Your baked goods aren’t just there to tantalize taste buds; they should also be pleasing to the eye. Fortunately, there are a number of ways that you can use your cake display case to creatively show your delicious baked goods–and help increase sales.

In this post, we share our five best tips to display your baked goods:

1. Create a Focal Point

While this may be obvious, in order to sell goods, you need to make them visible! So, put your glass cake display case where customers can easily see and approach it.

Consider your baked creations as 3D works of art, so make sure they look attractive from every angle in your store. Be sure to remove any supplies that may obstruct the customer’s view, including clearing glass surfaces, moving tables and repositioning chairs so that your cake display is the main focal point of our space.

Posted something on Instagram? Potentially, these will be the items that customers will look for when they enter your store. With that in mind, place your best treats front and center in your deli case. Put the prettiest cakes in the front and those with slight imperfections at the back.

2. Let There be Light

Did you know that the lighting you use in the store significantly impacts your sales? The right lighting can make your baked goods look even more appealing. According to German design experts, proper lighting can improve in-store sales by 12 percent.

Some areas of your store might have better lighting than other sections. For example, you can install lights inside a refrigerated cake display case to compensate for poorly lit areas. Further, these lighting options improve product visibility and can help increase the sale of baked products. Finally, be sure to highlight the labels, so customers remember the names of the baked goods they especially enjoyed–and will return for more!

Use warm and cozy lighting on baked items you want to sell more than others. This can include new creations or special offers. Comfortable lighting draws customers in and increases their attention to the goods on display. If you want to create a spotlight effect, add a few cool-lit sections. On the other hand, be cautious not to overdo it since too much bright light can be distracting.

3. Highlight Specials and On-The-Go Items

Specials and on-the-go items can generate a significant amount of sales for your bakery. Specials can be popular treats that you offer for a limited time, such as weekend-only goods or items sold on specific days of the week.

For instance, on-the-go items in your bakery, like a pastry and coffee combo, can be a hit for busy customers who need to grab a quick bite and head off to work. Be sure to display these items in deli cases near the cashier’s counter or at the door on the way in or out of your store.

4. Entice Your Customers with Free Samples

It’s no secret that everyone loves a freebie, right? This is why free samples of your baked goods are a great way to get people hooked on your delicious recipes! This strategy lets customers taste a few pastries they’ve had their eye on and hopefully buy one.

A great way to entice customers to buy bigger items (such as whole cakes, loaves, and pies) is to offer free mini slices. This way, you can attract your customers to buy bigger items to take home and create opportunities for repeat purchases down the line.

5. Keep it Squeaky Clean

Always keep your deli and cake display cases clean and smudge-free! Naturally, people will lean over and touch these areas throughout the day. So be sure to clean them thoroughly at the end of each day and wipe the glass and surface areas regularly.

You’ll also want to keep these areas uncluttered and limit what you store on top and next to the deli and cake display cases. Keeping the areas clean and tidy will help make your baked goods look their best and as enticing as possible.

Only Buy the Best

Making baked goods drool-worthy should appeal to all the senses. Using suitable display cases in your bakery or store can make your baked goods look more appealing and ensure your customers are curious about your unique offerings.

Need a deli case or cake display for your store? At Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment, we offer in-store display cases that showcase your baked goods and will help improve overall product appeal.

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Happy selling!

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