Wine Fridge 101 | Everything You Need to Know When Choosing a Wine Fridge


Running a bar, restaurant or food establishment can be difficult on many levels and keeping your food and beverages cool is just one of the many tasks on your list.  Choosing the right commercial wine cooler is a good place to start to ensure your wines and other beverages are kept at an optimal temperature.

To pick the most suitable wine cooler for your business,  it helps to understand the basics of commercial wine coolers, such as why they differ from your typical fridge.

Whether you’re a business owner or just a wine lover, this guide will take you through choosing the right wine cooler for your unique requirements.

Commercial Standard Refrigerator vs. Commercial Wine Refrigerator

From the outset, a separate cooler exclusively for wines may seem unwarranted, but many do not know that standard coolers can spoil the quality of wines during storage. Wine fridges, on the other hand, protect your wine collection in various ways.

Here are two factors that differ between the two:

  • Temperature. The ideal temperature for storing wines is between 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which a commercial wine fridge holds. In contrast, standard fridges bring wine temperatures down lower and faster, missing the mark for optimal wine storage.
  • Humidity. A commercial wine cooler is designed to maintain a specific moisture level that prevents the corks from drying out and keeps bottle labels intact. On the other hand, standard coolers blow dry air that can cause wine corks to dry out.

How To Choose The Right Commercial Wine Fridge

When looking for a commercial wine fridge that will suit your needs and budget, consider these helpful questions:

How much am I storing?

The number of bottles you are storing will naturally affect the size of the wine fridge you intend to buy. Wine refrigerators bear different capacities, from over a dozen to about 300 bottles.

If you average about 220 bottles, getting the maximum gives your business the allowance to grow over time without worrying about storage capacities.

In addition to quantity,  consider how long you plan to store your wines. While most wine fridges are designed to hold bottles horizontally, some are not. You can store vintage wine bottles with metal caps or rubber corks horizontally or vertically.

On the other hand, those with natural corks should be stored horizontally to keep the wine in contact with the cork and prevent it from drying.

What types am I storing?

Not all wines have the same ideal storage temperatures. For example, a single-zone wine cooler is perfect if you only have a small collection of wines.

A dual-zone wine cooler with two different compartments that you can independently control is warranted if you keep wines of higher quality in your collection.

Ultimately, the quality and age of the wine you intend to store should help narrow down your choice. Like with any appliance, some commercial wine refrigerators have different features. Here are some other features to consider when looking:

  • Door styles and lighting
  • Built-in or freestanding
  • Alarms and locks

Where To Buy A Commercial Wine Fridge

You can purchase a commercial wine fridge at various suppliers and sellers, but superior quality and professional advice can make all the difference.

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