Tips To Keep Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

Flowers add to the aesthetics of your abode so it’s always a good idea to have them fresh and blooming. If you’re looking for simple DIY solutions to keep cut flowers fresh longer, you’re in luck. In this article, we talk about how easy it is to impart longevity to trimmed flowers, especially with the help of some of our refrigeration products. 

Tip #1: Cut the stems

As soon as you receive flowers, do not place them in a corner to unpack and preserve them later. The first preservation tip is to immediately cut the stems of the flowers you get. The tool you’ll require is garden shears but first, disinfect them using rubbing alcohol.

Cut the stems approximately ½ to 1 inch from the bottom. Remember to cut the stems at an angle, since that enhances water intake. A pro tip would be to cut the stems underwater, if possible. This will ensure that the generation of air bubbles is minimized. Repeat this process every 2-3 days to sustain the life of the flowers.

Tip #2: Pruning

Leaves that fall under the waterline need to be removed for the health of the flowers to remain intact. Bacteria thrive on leaves, especially ones rotting in water. Certain flowers such as roses have guard petals that cover their actual petals; such guard petals should also be pruned. Keep an eye on the flowers and perform regular pruning to discard any loose or dead leaves.

Tip #3: Water & Flower Food

Take a clean vase, fill it with water at room temperature and thoroughly mix a packet of flower food in it. Too dilute can do too little for your plant but too concentrated can burn it. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for this.

The ingredients of floral food vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but more or less all contain sugar that is food for the flowers, acid that stabilizes the pH level of the water in the vase, and minute amounts of bleach that restricts the growth of bacteria and fungi. Replace the flower food and water every 2-3 days.

Tip #4: Refrigeration

That’s right, flowers stay fresh longer in cold environments and there’s nothing colder than refrigerators. We at Iron Mountain Refrigeration untangle the intricacies of storing flowers in refrigerators, allowing you to keep cut flowers fresh for that celebration you’re planning.

Make Room In The Fridge

The first step is to set the stage. This means that you will need to make space in your refrigerator to keep the flowers. Needless to say, the container should be full of water and should sit comfortably in the refrigerator. If your refrigerator lacks the required space to hold a flower vase, you can always look for a compatible one on our website.

At all costs, avoid the presence of any fruits in the proximity of the vase. Fruits release minute amounts of ethylene gas when they ripen, which is detrimental to the longevity of the cut flowers.

Do Not Refrigerate Immediately

Flowers must remain in room temperature water for at least an hour before they’re shifted to a refrigerator. However, if you receive flowers that have withered and it looks unlikely that they’ll last long, putting these flowers in water at 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit will be a great solution. This is because warm water molecules have heightened movement and they travel up the freshly cut stalks much faster. To solidify the process of freshness recovery, place the flowers in a refrigerator for 2 hours after treatment with hot water.

Duration of Flower Refrigeration

The ideal refrigeration period is 10 hours per night. Place them in the water at room temperature during the day. Such a refrigeration pattern can keep the flowers lively for 10 consecutive days, and even more. Refrigeration is of major importance in the summer season when flowers have to bear the hot and humid conditions during the morning hours. If you own a flower shop or are in need of storing and showcasing flowers, take a look at some of the commercial display coolers that we sell.

Peek into the Freezer

We’re not done with the benefits of refrigerators for flowers. Icy water is also beneficial for flowers, especially those that have reached you after a hectic trip. Travel can lead to the development of air pockets that ruin the flower’s capability to absorb water. Ice water clears this pathway for the stems and rejuvenates the freshness of the flowers. 

Tip #5: Soda

Soda contains sugar, which enriches the flowers and makes them smell sweeter while imparting them durability. Add ¼ cup of soda to the vase and watch your flowers bloom for 10+ days. If you have a transparent glass vase, you can opt for a clear soda such as 7-Up or Sprite that will keep the visual appeal intact.

Tip #6: Vodka

Plants wilt and ultimately die because they age, so inhibiting their aging process will enhance their lifespan. A proven method for this is to add vodka to the water that goes into the vase. Alternatively, you may use any clear spirit if Vodka is unavailable. Note that only a couple of drops are needed. Not only does Vodka inhibit bacterial growth, but it also suppresses the generation of ethylene. Ethylene is a gas released as the flowers reach maturity and is a sign that the flowers are approaching their end of life. 

Tip #7: Apple Cider Vinegar + Sugar

So far we’ve learned the benefits of sugar and that it is vital to feed the plants, but did you know that it speeds up bacterial growth? That’s the same bacteria that then make the leaves slimy and mucky. To counter this, put apple cider vinegar into play. As for the amount, two tablespoons of each will make the perfect pair. Alternatively, you may use the combination of lemon-lime soda and water instead of vinegar and sugar.

Flowers are the best natural ornaments that can instill color and vigor to any dull environment and lift up a celebration. However, keeping cut flowers fresh for longer can be a task if you aren’t equipped with the proper know-how. Refrigeration is probably the best flower preservation method, and we carry the best ones for you. Take your notepads out because the aforementioned 7 tips are going to be worth your (or rather your flowers’) while.

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