The Origins of Black Friday

Black Friday 2017 is approaching quickly!  As the ads start flooding your mailbox, you may wonder where exactly it all started. You may have even heard a few stories. The truth? 

As it turns out, Black Friday – the day for the best discounts on appliances and PJs for your grandkids – has more than one often-told “origins”. The most popular seems to be that it is the day stores go “into the black”, or turn a profit, for the first time in the year. Sound legit? Apparently it is not.

Black Friday got it’s name from the Philadelphia police, and it did not have anything to do with bargain shopping. Football, specifically Army vs. Navy, is the real story. The influx of people into the city for the game created chaos. It eventually turned into what it is now, the day everyone goes out hunting for the last “Tickle Me Elmo” or a new refrigerator for a deal, waits in long lines and, lately, tries to avoid a scuffle over a giant TV.

So, good luck to you if you are planning to get out and seek a bargain. THere are plenty of deals to be had online though – we’ve even got some Black Friday 2017 beer cooler deals. No need to leave home!