Introducing R290

No, it’s not a droid from the new Star Wars movie. It’s a new refrigerant option. Exciting, right?

Well, you might at least find it interesting. It’s propane, and it can run your refrigerator. Why? It’s better for the environment and it will save energy, which equates to money in your pocket.

Here are some articles, if you want to read science-y stuff…

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True Manufacturing

We are beginning to offer our products with this environmentally safer and more economical alternative. The following models now have R290 refrigerant:

R290 UBB-24-72GSS, stainless 3 door back bar cooler  R290 UBB-24-60GSS stainless steel 2 door glass back bar cooler  R290 UBB-24-48GSS 2 door glass back bar cooler