Hydro Life 300 Twin Water Filter System with KDF

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Hydro Life Commercial Twin Water Filter System

Commercial Water Filter

The unique Hydro Life Commercial Water Filter system with KDF utilizes a triple water processing action that reduces limescale, controls bacteria, reduces chlorine, bad taste and odor. We tightly pack our cartridges with specially selected filtration media, forcing all the water to interact and take advantage of our separated layer system for improved water filtration. This advanced filtration system can reduce your maintenance costs by 50 percent or more. In addition, our filters cost less than competing filters, making your profits even greater.


Limescale Protection

Hydro Life filters have the unique capability of controlling the growth of bacteria within our cartridge. Hydro Life does a superior job of addressing limescale, the most difficult and costly problem that exists in cleaning and maintaining foodservice and vending equipment that use water as part of their daily operation. This is critical to your bottom line. Under normal circumstances, Hydro Life takes away the ability of limescale to adhere to surfaces it comes in contact with. In severe cases, Hydro Life filters can reduce limescale by 50% or more. The minimal limescale that remains can usually be wiped away with a damp cloth.


KDF Protection

KDF is one of the most effective methods of removing contaminants from water through a process called “Reduction-Oxidation.” This action removes the clinging capability of calcite, a contaminant that causes limescale build-up. It also produces an atmosphere within the filter that is not conducive to bacteria survival, making it “bacteriostatic,” thus the filter is more effective and long lasting.


Plumbing fittings and hoses not included.

For use with Hydro Life 350 replacement water filter cartridge and Hydro Life 310 Sediment Filter

Filter Spec Sheet 

Hydro Life Brochure

Twin Filter System for Ice Makers, Steamers, Coffee Makers

Weight 5 lbs