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Commercial Display Freezers for Sale: NSF Certified

Looking for a commercial display freezer? Our collection of commercial upright retail display freezers for sale includes single and two-door models. The 2-door glass front freezer is suitable for retail display in stores and markets, and the single door upright freezer is perfect if you have limited space. We now also carry glass top island freezers!

Advantages of Upright Glass Door Freezers vs Chest Freezers

When choosing retail display freezers, generally the first decision that needs to be made is whether to use a chest freezer or an upright freezer. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages. Most of which will be addressed below.

  • Upright Display Freezers generally occupy about half the floor space that a chest freezer will. This allows for more foot traffic through a business
  • The owner of a standing display freezer can put desirable and impulse purchase products directly at eye level with consumers. Products like ice-cream usually occupy higher shelves and essentials like frozen vegetables usually occupy lower levels.
  • Customers generally have an easier time buying from standing displays. This is because the products are visible from a distance rather than the buyer having to stand immediately near it to view the inventory.
  • Standing retail display freezers are easier for owners to arrange and count inventory. Especially when trying to follow first-in-first-out procedures to avoid selling expired inventory.
  • Chest freezers will generally use less electricity than upright ones. However, the inconvenience of customers and staff having to open and close these has caused many grocery stores to opt for topless chest freezers, which use a significantly larger amount of electricity

Advantages of Buying From Iron Mountain Refrigeration

  • All of our upright display freezers for shops come with a one year warranty on both parts and labor.
  • We also provide an extended 5 years warranty on the compressor
  • All of our display commercial island freezers are NSF certified to some of the strictest standards worldwide. To learn more about NSF certification please click here

Iron Mountain Refrigeration Never Forgets the Investment

We always put customer service first. We are constantly meeting new customers who have been burned in the past by online marketplace vendors. We are a real business and employ real people whose job is to deliver nothing but excellence in price & service. We strive to treat every new customer like they are our first.

Whether our customer is starting a retail business or replacing their own parts, we understand that it can be stressful to set aside the finances for new equipment. We encourage all our customers, especially those new to retail, to call our friendly team so that we can assist you in finding the best equipment for your needs and budget. We strive to build a lasting relationship as opposed to a set and forget mentality that can be found amongst drop-shippers.

Caring For Your Retail Display Freezers Made Easy

Our range of island freezers for sale come with a controller for programmable temperature set points between -10 and 0° F. They even have programmable defrost routines to ensure that your frozen products are always looking their best and are significantly easier to clean.

Whatever your commercial refrigeration needs are, Iron Mountain Refrigeration will work hard to make sure you leave happy. We offer free curbside shipping on our commercial freezers. If you have any questions about any of the products in our collection feel free to reach out and contact us right away.