Drinks are Better with the PeakCold Tap Kegerator Dispenser

peakcold tap kegerator dispenser, image of a freshly poured beer

Whether you’re a restaurant and bar owner or a beer enthusiast who loves hosting guests, the PeakCold Tap Kegerator Beer Dispenser will enhance the drinking and beverage service experience. This sleek line of equipment is the ultimate solution for pouring favorite brews and beverages commercially or at home.

Unrivaled Performance

PeakCold makes high-quality products with the customer in mind. The kegerator line includes a kegerator for homebrew and commercial kegs. Customers who entertain frequently can easily use commercial kegerators in their home bar. The Single Door 2 Tap Beer Dispenser is one of the best kegerators for home use. The line uses energy-efficient refrigerant, which helps keep utility bills low.

PeakCold Tap Kegerators use a powerful and efficient cooling system that keeps beverages at the perfect temperature from keg to glass. Kegerator temperatures range from 31- 41 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the model. Say goodbye to warm, flat drinks. Thanks to the dispenser’s precise temperature control with a programmable digital controller, each pour is crisp and refreshing. Here are a few other tips to pour the best beer.

Versatile Compatibility

This line offers the flexibility to pour many different types of drinks. The kegerator is compatible with all standard-sized kegs. This includes half-barrel, quarter-barrel, slim quarter-barrel and home brew barrels. You can pour any beverage that fits the keg requirements, from imperial pale ales to kombucha. This equipment masterfully pours cold brew coffee, nitro brew coffee, wine, soda and kombucha with kegerator conversion kits. Nitro brew or stout conversion kits are sold separately. Different beverages require different gases, taps or keg couplers. Learn more about kegerator gases.

Sleek Design in a Variety of Sizes

The kegerator features a stainless steel top and black wear-resistant vinyl exterior. It adds a touch of sophistication to any bar setup or home bar. The line comes in four sizes, from a Single Door 2 Tap Beer Dispenser on wheels measuring just under 24 inches wide to a 72-inch 3-Door 4 Tap Dispenser, which holds three kegs. Kegerators have side-mounted commercial compressors and a stainless-steel interior with LED lighting. Most cabinets include adjustable, wire-rack shelving and lockable doors. Keg couplers and tubing are included standard for beer dispensing, but additional equipment may need to be purchased to pour other types of beverages.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Setting up these residential or commercial kegs is a breeze. Simple instructions are included. The stainless steel drip tray is easy to clean and maintain. This means less time on upkeep and more time with customers or to enjoy beverages.

Kegerators and More

Elevate your customer or home bar experience with a PeakCold Tap Kegerator Beer Dispenser and kegerator accessories. Iron Mountain Refrigeration has quality refrigeration equipment at competitive prices. We serve many industries, from restaurants and bars to florists. We handle warranties directly, and our customer service and delivery practices receive customer praise. We’re 5-star rated for a reason. We also ship free to most places. Browse our many commercial refrigeration product offerings.