Make the Most of St. Patrick’s Day at Your Bar

st patrick's day bar festivities

St. Patrick’s Day is the highest-grossing day of the year for U.S. bars. As a bar owner, this holiday presents a golden opportunity to attract customers, boost sales and create a memorable experience for patrons. Here are some tips to help you make the most of St. Paddy’s Day at your bar:

Embrace the Theme

Transform into a festive Irish pub with green banners, shamrocks, leprechaun hats, and other St. Patrick’s Day-themed decorations. Create a vibrant atmosphere that immerses patrons in the spirit of the holiday and encourages them to celebrate. Make sure your staff dresses up too. Incorporate live Irish music or select an Irish music-themed playlist including artists like the Dropkick Murphys, U2 and Celtic Woman.

Be Ready for a Crowd

Prepare your bar for the big day by ensuring everything is fully stocked and beverages stay cold, as needed. Drinking on this holiday starts early and continues into the late evening. Have a bar prep checklist ready and check inventory well in advance. You should also check your bar refrigeration equipment is working at capacity, so no thirsty customers leave disappointed. Also, be sure you’re staffing your bar appropriately, so patrons receive the attention they deserve and have the best guest experience.

Offer Irish-Inspired Specials

Craft a themed drink menu featuring classics like Guinness and Irish whiskey cocktails. If you serve food, consider Irish dishes like corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew or shepherd’s pie. Entice customers with happy hour deals on beer, shots and themed cocktails such as Irish Mules and Shamrock Shots. Here are a few more cocktail ideas. Use food coloring to dye beer green and serve it on special. This is usually a crowd-pleaser.

Organize Fun Promotions and Contests

No blarney – adding some fun games and contests will keep the energy high until the last Irish toast is raised. St. Patrick’s Day promotions like ‘wear green’ to win prizes are an easy way to get customers involved in the fun. Host a costume contest for the best-dressed leprechaun or Irish-themed attire, host trivia quizzes with Irish-themed questions or hold a green beer pong tournament for patrons to compete in and win prizes. Another idea is to hold a limerick writing contest and have your guests submit their rhymes over the course of the day, with one winner announced in the evening.

Create Instagram-Worthy Moments

Encourage patrons to share their experiences on social media by creating Instagram-worthy moments in your bar. Set up themed photo booths with props like green hats, shamrock glasses and pot o’ gold backdrops so customers can share photos online with hashtags. Ensure the photo booth area you designate is well-lit and has an eye-catching backdrop.

Promote Your St Patrick’s Day Event

If you’re putting in the effort to embrace the theme and offer entertainment, be sure you take the time to raise awareness about the event. Put up signs advertising your event and specials around town and in local neighborhood guides. You can use free apps like Canva to create promotional materials and social media graphics. Create social media posts and a Facebook event and encourage your followers to share that event.

Ensure Safety and Responsible Drinking

While St. Patrick’s Day is a time for celebration, it’s essential to prioritize safety and responsible drinking. Encourage patrons to designate a sober driver or use ride-sharing services to get home safely. Train your staff to recognize signs of intoxication and intervene when necessary to prevent overconsumption.

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