Walk-In Cooler Standard Sizes

Restaurants, bars, and commercial kitchens need cold-storage solutions that go far beyond the standard refrigerator/freezer combo found in homes. The vast quantities of ingredients and menu items that need to be kept cold or frozen to avoid spoiling call for something much more substantial. For many of these businesses, walk-in coolers are the only answer that makes sense. These units provide a temperature-controlled space that keeps food and beverages cool and are large enough for people to step inside of them to find items.

Although they may sound like the perfect solution for your business’s needs, it’s important to note that they come in a range of sizes. If you choose the largest possible model, you may be paying for energy that’s going to waste and take up valuable floor space in your kitchen or warehouse. On the other hand, buying something that’s too small means you could run out of storage space when you need it the most and risk losing inventory to spoilage. Selecting the unit that’s right for your needs comes down to understanding a few of the most important factors. These include your available space, storage needs, and the standard walk-in cooler dimensions.

Walk-In Cooler Standard Sizes

Although they’re not as diverse as standalone coolers or freezers, there are a number of different sizes available when it comes to walk-in coolers. These typically include:

  • 8’ x 8’, 550 cubic feet
  • 10’ x 8’, 671 cubic feet
  • 10’ x 12’, 777 cubic feet
  • 12’ x 12’, 918 cubic feet

These have a standard ceiling height of eight feet. They are assembled on-site, with floor panels being laid down first and the wall panels assembled around them. The wall panels connect internally using cam-locks for added stability. Joints are sealed after assembly to prevent cold air from leaking out of the assembled cooler.

How to Choose the Right Size Walk-In Cooler for Your Business

Now that you have a basic understanding of how large most commercial walk-in coolers are, there are a number of other factors you should think about before purchasing one. These include:

  • Available Space — Obviously, the amount of floor space you have available in your kitchen or storage facility will make a huge difference when making your selection. Be sure to think about how else your space is being used, as well. Even though a unit may fit, if it takes up too much room it may interrupt workflows or create unsafe working conditions.
  • Capacity — If your business needs to keep a large amount of food in cold storage, you will probably want to consider a larger unit. You won’t want to risk overcrowding your cooler or needing to throw out items to make room or get rid of spoiled food. One rule of thumb to follow is that a single cubic foot of space can safely store roughly 30 pounds of food. Keep in mind that you may be able to maximize the amount of room you have by learning how to organize your inventory.
  • Budget — Of course, deciding you need the largest available cooler doesn’t mean much if you can’t afford it. Be sure to plan for your budgetary considerations in addition to your physical limitations before choosing a walk-in cooler. Smaller units are more affordable, and you may need to scale down your ambitions before you buy.

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