5 Design Layouts for Food Trucks

Food trucks are all the rage these days. They’re an innovative way for chefs to get their food out there and into the hands of hungry customers. If you are thinking about investing in a food truck, then this guide is for you! We will take an in-depth look at the design and layouts of successful food trucks. This includes what to consider when designing your truck’s layout, as well as how much it should cost. You will also learn which type of equipment is best for certain types of cuisine. These are all crucial factors that determine whether or not your food truck succeeds.

1) The Counter Truck

The counter truck is one of the most popular designs for food trucks. The limited space in a parking lot often requires busy vendors to use this style. In this truck, the cooking area is in front of customers. There are also no walls or windows to separate them from the chefs who work hard at preparing their orders.

This style allows for more creativity and flexibility with menu options because there is no limited space like you would find on a food truck that has a kitchen built in it. However, this layout is more complex to master than others because customers are so close, and customers can smell cooking food and see the preparation, which is not always pleasant.

Counter trucks also require more equipment since there is no room for storage or appliances built-in, as you would find on a kitchen truck. The customer service must be top-notch as well, especially if they cannot create a barrier between them and the customer.

This type of layout is perfect for quick and easy service that can be run with minimal staff or equipment setup time.

2) The Kitchen Truck

This design has the kitchen in the back of the truck, so customers cannot see what is happening there. This type works well when you are serving more difficult-to-cook foods that require a lot of prep time or lots of cooking space. The food can be prepared at home or another location and brought over ready to go for services like catering.

Kitchen trucks are also the perfect choice for those who want to have a menu with many different types of cuisine. This is because it allows chefs to cook all items at once using multiple burners, ovens, or grills instead of just one item per burner or grill like you would find in counter truck design.

Having more space can allow for more creative designs with the kitchen, such as having a grill on top of your truck or using exposed cooking elements. The layout will determine how much creativity you have to work with, so think about what type of food you plan on serving before choosing this design option.

If you are planning on selling lots of cooked foods like fried chicken, this is the ideal design choice. You can also use it for serving more complex or multi-step menu items like those found at BBQ food trucks.

Kitchen trucks are the most expensive option, but they allow for highly creative designs. One drawback to kitchen trucks is that you will need a generator and extra equipment because there is no electricity in most parking lots where food trucks do business. This increases your costs significantly, so factor this into your budget.

3) The Box Truck

Those who have no desire to deal with the hassle of designing a truck from scratch may want to consider buying or renting an already made box truck. This type can be used for both counter and kitchen-style trucks, so you are not limited in your options. The most common layouts are side by side which means one person works on each side or front to back, where one person works in the front and the other works from the back.

Box trucks are also an excellent option for those who want a more leisurely time designing their truck’s layout because you can choose counter or kitchen style depending on what your menu requires. You may even be able to find box trucks that already have appliances built into them, like a grill or fryer.

As with any type of food truck, you will need to spend time and money equipping your box truck properly so that it is up to code for use in most cities that have laws about what types of trucks can operate where. In addition, you must also ensure the health inspector approves using appliances built into the truck before you start cooking with them.

As long as the box truck is up to code and safe for food preparation, customers will appreciate a clean and simple design that allows them to see your menu easily from outside of the vehicle so they can make their decision quickly. This also gives customers a chance to interact with those who work in the truck, which can help you gain more business.

The box truck design is also the least expensive, so it is a great option for those just starting out who do not want to spend too much on their first food truck. The only drawback with this type of layout is that there are no windows or doors in some cases, so customers may be hesitant to enter if they do not know what to expect.

4) Truck/Trailer Combo

This type of food truck design offers the most flexibility because it can be used as either a counter or kitchen style. The layout is also ideal for those who want to serve both cooked and uncooked foods, like desserts that are made in your home kitchen before you head out to work each day. You may even find some types of trucks that come as a truck and trailer combo, so you can pull them together or separate them depending on your needs.

One of the biggest benefits of this design is that you can easily upgrade your truck and trailer separately. For instance, if you decide to start out with a simple counter-style food truck but want to try selling cooked foods at some point, you can simply attach your cooking equipment when desired. However, keep in mind that not all cities allow for this type of food truck operation.

The biggest drawback to this style is that it requires more work than other options because you must design and outfit two separate vehicles instead of one. This also means double the costs, so make sure your budget can accommodate both before investing in a counter or kitchen combo like this option.

5) Open Trailer

An open trailer food truck design is similar to a box truck, except there are no sides and the back of the vehicle opens instead. This allows for quick and easy access when unloading or loading your kitchen supplies so that you can get on with business faster than some other types of designs. It also makes it easier for those working in the truck to interact with customers and promote their business.

Open trailers are a great choice for those who want something simple and affordable so they can save money on the build-out of their food truck. Customers also benefit from this type because it allows them to see what you have available before purchasing your wares, which helps build trust in open trailers. They are a great choice for those who want something simple and affordable so they can save money on the build-out of their food truck. Customers also benefit from this type because it allows them to see what you have available before purchasing your wares, which helps build trust in your brand.


In conclusion, designing and layouts for food trucks is not an easy task. It’s essential to pick the right style before investing in appliances built into your truck as well as other expensive components that you might need down the line. This will help ensure a smooth build-out of your vehicle so you can start selling delicious treats sooner rather than later!