Top 5 Best Fall Beer Flavors to Try in 2021

“On victory, you deserve a beer; in defeat, you need it.”  Napoleon

The air is crisp; the leaves are changing color and falling from their trees. It means that we’re getting close to Halloween!

It is that time of year again! Fall has arrived, and with it comes the best fall beer flavors to drink. Many types of fall beers are introduced during this season, but which one is the best?

Whether you are looking for a pumpkin-flavored ale or something darker like an Oktoberfest beer, there is a perfect brew for every person.

Read on to discover what beers are worth drinking this year and which ones are the best picks in 2021!


Oktoberfest Beer

Life on a Marzen? You’ve got it! 

This beer is a larger brew with flavor and complexity, but it still has that easy-drinking feel. 

It’s perfect for those days when you just want something refreshing without any unnecessary sweetness or bitterness to bog down your senses.

Delivering a satisfying, award-winning taste without the heavy ABV is no easy task.

The Oktoberfest Beer has evolved. In the beginning, all beers were a type of amber lager called Marzen (pronounced mare-tsen), which was brewed in March and stored until September or October for consumption during this annual event known as “Oktoberfest.”

As breweries began changing their traditional style to be lighter to avoid spoilage from the summer heat, they also lowered their alcohol content so that drinkers could enjoy them more often!

Here’s a list of some great Oktoberfest beers to quench your thirst: 

Founders Brewery – Oktenerfest (Grand Rapids, Michigan) 6%

This refreshing lager will be your go-to choice on warmer days in October for an affordable price and excellent flavor profile.

Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen 5,8%

This one is known all over Europe and America where it originated, so don’t miss out on this world-famous option.

Hard Ciders

This time of year, it’s not just about drinking beer (although that does sound pretty good). There are plenty of other options in the world for you! Why not opt for a hard cider?

Hard ciders are a great alternative to beer for those who want more variety in their seasonal offerings.

These alcoholic drinks can be sweet or dry, falling somewhere between wine and water on the spectrum of taste preferences.

So you’ll find an option for you no matter your taste! Something many people don’t know about these tasty beverages is that most of these ciders are gluten-free as well; just make sure it says so on your label before drinking them.

Cider lovers rejoice! There are so many different ciders to choose from these days.

If you’re looking for an even more pungent taste, then check out some of our most popular flavors:

Austin Eastciders: Spiced Cider (Austin, TX) 5% ABV

Diskin Cider: Resolution Cinnamon Spice (Nashville TN) 6.1% ABV

Spire Mountain: Dark and Dry Apple (Olympia, WA) 5% ABV

Wyndridge Cider Co.: Maple Bourbon Hard Cider (York, PA) 7.5% ABV

Pumpkin Beer

The minute September 1st rolls around, pumpkin domination begins and doesn’t truly end until winter.

Pumpkin beer has been a popular trend for many years now. So, it’s a great time of year to offer your patrons something different than the usual light lagers or IPAs: mix up some spicy brews with flavors like nutmeg in them!

Nowadays, we crave more out-of-the-ordinary tastes than ever before; luckily, there are plenty of flavorful options available if folks need an alternative fall treat on tap.

Try these pumpkin beers to enjoy the fall at its best:

Elysian Brewing Company: Night Owl Pumpkin Ale (Seattle, WA) 6.7% ABV

Two Roads Brewing Company: Rosemary’s Baby (Stratford, CT) 6.8% ABV

Southern Tier Brewing Company: Pumking – Cold Press Coffee (Lakewood, NY) 8.6% ABV

Alewerks Brewing Company: Pumpkin Ale (Williamsburg, VA) 7.3% ABV

Amber Ales

Amber ale is a type of beer with special malts that give it its signature amber color and rich flavor.

The Pacific Northwest in the U.S. and California has been making this style of beer since before the 1980s, but nowadays, you can find them all over America!

It’s known by many names such as red ales or even just plain old “ale.”

This dark-colored brew uses American hops to balance the sweetness from added sugars during the fermentation process, which also contributes heavily towards creating a wonderful aroma.

Its sweet flavor profile is created by using special malts such as crystal malt, which produces candylike sweetness while still providing a delicate bitterness at palate-tingling levels.

Try out the best amber ales this year!

Troegs Brewing Company: Hopback Amber Ale (Hershey, PA) 6% ABV

Brewery Ommegang: Rare Vos Amber Ale (Cooperstown, NY) 6.5% ABV

Goose Island: Autumn Ale (Chicago, IL) 6.7% ABV

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co: Flipside Red IPA (Chico, CA) 6.2% ABV


Fall may be the best time of year to enjoy porter beers. Autumn brings cooler weather and darker flavors – just what you crave after enjoying that autumn sun all day long!

Porters have a long history of being the beer to beat in autumn. It is because it is darker and more filling than other ales. Their rich flavors can range anywhere from chocolate to caramel-like sweetness.

A classic example would be London Porter, brewed by Fuller’s Brewery, which started as another generic brew before becoming known for its trademark taste.

Porters has a sufficient calorie count to keep you sustained while spending a day working outside.

Why not give one of these a try: 

Lancaster Brewing Company: Shoo-Fly Pie Porter (Lancaster, PA) 6.2% ABV

Funky Buddha Brewery: Maple Bacon Coffee Porter (Oakland Park, FL) 6.4% ABV

Deschutes Brewery: Black Butte Porter (Bend, OR) 5.2% ABV

Breckenridge Brewery: Vanilla Porter (Littleton, CO) 5.4% ABV


 “Let no man thirst for good beer.”  –Sam Adams

The cool crispness of fall is here to stay, and it’s time for you to break out your favorite beers. Every year, beer lovers everywhere await the return of their favorite fall seasonal beers according to their taste and preference. Choose your favorite one and warmly welcome fall!

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