Creating a Grab and Go Menu for your Restaurant

The latest trend in fast-casual restaurants is to provide customers with a Grab and Go option. These days, the average person doesn’t have time for an hour-long meal because they’re too busy juggling their career or lifestyle commitments. The Grab and Go option appeals to the population of customers who want quality food that can be enjoyed while on the go without sacrificing freshness.

Whether you’re running a restaurant, café, or even in charge of the school kitchen, Grab and Go options are a great addition to your offering. Creating a Grab and Go menu for your restaurant is an excellent way to boost sales. If you haven’t started offering Grab & Go items in your restaurant, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to add some extra revenue to your bottom line.

In order to help you create an effective Grab and Go menu, we’ve put together a list of tips that will make the process much easier. But first, let’s get our basics straight.

 What Is Grab and Go Food?

Grab and Go foods are a different kind of meal that can be found in cafés, bakeries, grocery stores, and colleges. They’re premade and prepackaged meals or snacks offered as an alternative to the typical dining experience.

Grab and Go foods are those that can be taken and eaten away from the restaurant. They are convenient and typically quick to eat. However, nowadays, people no longer want boring options like a ham and cheese sandwich. Instead, customers are craving a restaurant-style meal that is delicious, high-quality, and diverse.

Grab and Go food is taking the world by storm as busy consumers are looking for fast but tasty options to meet their needs. The trend has been particularly popular in the food industry, with many small or independent cafés and restaurants adding Grab and Go options to their offering.

 What to keep in mind when creating a Grab and Go menu for your restaurant?

To keep customers satisfied, consider adding healthy Grab and Go options to your weekly menu. Set up a small station where consumers can select from a variety of mouthwatering choices. The items on the Grab and Go menu should be affordable, convenient, and easy to eat.

Grab and Go meals are typically prepared by your chef or kitchen team at least 24 hours in advance. You can choose from a variety of dishes such as sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

Before you start your planning stage, make sure that you currently can meet a modern customer’s demands. For example, people who might be interested in a Grab and Go meal will only consider buying from you if:

  •         Your food is prepared from fresh and high-quality ingredients.
  •         Your restaurant provides fast and convenient service.
  •         You offer a wide variety of Grab and Go meals

If you focus on these three factors, you’ll find that your customers will be more than happy to make a purchase.

 Now that we’ve covered some of the basics let’s get down to business and start creating your own menu. If you follow the tips below, then there’s no reason why your Grab and Go food won’t become just as popular as the rest of your restaurant offerings.


Helpful tips for creating a Grab and Go menu for your restaurant

 Keep it simple

If you’re just starting out with the Grab and Go concept, then you should aim for a simple menu. You don’t need to offer 20 dishes right from the beginning.  Keep it simple at first. Take baby steps. You can always expand the Grab and Go menu later on. The focus here is attracting attention from people walking through the door so that they can know that your restaurant has Grab and Go options as well. As long as you have a high-quality product, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to get people interested in buying from your Grab and Go station.


Keep in mind that your menu should always change to reflect the season, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to add new items. For example, during summertime, you might want to add a cold pasta salad or ice cream sandwich to your Grab and Go menu.  In winter, items like chai tea lattes and soups will be more popular options.

 Consider your current menu

When deciding on which meals are best for a Grab and Go menu, look at the popular dishes that people currently order from your restaurant or café. Think about which ones can be easily converted into Grab and Go options by removing all the extra garnishes. Remember that when you are creating a Grab and Go menu for your restaurant, you’re creating a simple and affordable menu that your customers can easily take away with them. So don’t overload the ingredients that make each meal special when creating Grab and Go versions.

 Monitor food trends

If you want to add items that will sell well, make sure that they are a part of the trending foods at the time. If there are other restaurants that have already taken advantage of this trend and placed them on their own Grab and Go menus, then you should definitely do the same.

 Packaging is essential

If you want your customers to be interested in the products they buy, it’s important that their experience is seamless. Clear packaging makes it easy for them to see what they’re buying.

 Accommodate dietary restrictions

There will always be customers with dietary restrictions that can’t eat certain foods, so you should have Grab and Go food options for them. The good news is that there are plenty of dishes to choose from that fit even the most restrictive diets.


Creating a Grab and Go menu for your restaurant is all about giving customers exactly what they want: quick, inexpensive meals that can be taken away easily. This method of food delivery will help you bring in more revenue than ever before.

A well-planned Grab and Go menu should definitely draw attention to your business from a wider audience without the addition of any significant marketing costs. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you get started on creating your own Grab and Go menu.

Good luck!

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