Creating a Home Beverage Center


You may want to host friends, family, and colleagues at home for a drink or two. If you would like to make the experience even more memorable, invest in an at-home beverage center. While many people think that it may not be a priority, having a place in your kitchen specifically dedicated to drinks can set the perfect tone for any social occasion or get-together with friends and family. 

In any normal household, the refrigerator is likely to be stocked with drinks. In a beverage center, you get the chance to put everything in one place, allowing for easier access and control on how you wish to serve your guests their favorite drink. Kitchen furniture specialists agree that placing an at-home bar inside of one’s kitchen or living room can add just the right amount of class and elegance to any occasion. Some beverage centers even feature special compartments for ice cubes, beer glasses, and wine bottles; storage racks make it easy to organize your beverages based on type and size.

What is a Home Beverage Center?

A Home Beverage Center is a place to grab or make drinks, store beverages and keep the serving equipment organized. Home beverage centers can mean anything from a small refrigerator in the corner to something more elaborate. 

Some important elements of beverage centers are:

– They allow for easy access to drinks of all kinds, especially appetizers or snacks so that guests do not have to walk down the stairs in order to grab a bite.

Home beverage centers also commonly include:

Home wine coolers creating an elegant piece that can add more storage space for beverages and are a nice compliment to any counter or kitchen island.

– Home wine coolers typically range from $200-$1,000 depending on size, material, brand name, etc.

– Wine accessories can include all sorts of small appliances including corkscrews, decanters, and more! These can cost anywhere from $10-$500 depending on brand name, quality, or size.

– Kitchen cabinets are also incredibly important for holding different types of glasses and beverage serving accessories including all sorts of liquor, mixers, ice trays, and more! Kitchen Cabinets typically range from $200-$1,200 depending on the size material. Kitchen cabinets can be constructed from a number of different materials including wood, glass, or metal. Kitchen cabinets can also be installed in a number of different ways including “Corner Cabinets” which are very useful in tight spaces where floor and wall cabinet space is limited.

Adequate lighting, usually undercabinet task lights, are also necessary to help visitors see what they’re doing, especially in darker rooms. Extra, helpful touches include a cutting board on the countertop and handy, drink-friendly appliances such as microwaves or coffee makers. 


The best place for a beverage center is usually the kitchen island. This allows for more space than an ordinary kitchen counter or tabletop.

– The kitchen islands look nice and have a classic appeal.

– They typically have more storage space than most kitchen counters.

– Kitchen islands allow for a larger variety of drinks and snacks since the entire surface of the island is available to be used as a dining or bar area, while still being classy enough to fit into most formal kitchens. The islands can cost anywhere from $300-$5,000 depending on brand name, quality, and size. Kitchen islands can be constructed from all sorts of materials including wood, glass, marble, or even granite.


You will need to consider a few things when deciding if a beverage center is right for you. Do you prefer to access drinks easily? Do you often entertain guests by providing drinks and snacks? Do you want available drinks to be displayed to your guests or remain unseen in a cabinet?

It is also good to consider where you would want to put a beverage center before choosing one. Kitchen islands are usually better placed in the kitchen however, they can be found in dining rooms, basements, and any other location you plan to entertain your guests., 

If you do not have a kitchen island consider buying one. Kitchen islands can be placed just about anywhere that has enough space for it, as long as there is at least 3 feet of clear space surrounding the kitchen island. 


From a design standpoint, we often use different color cabinetry or cabinet doors with textured glass in a beverage area. These areas can be quite fun to design and use different materials. Kitchen cabinets made of metal are a great option when the kitchen island is in a high-traffic area. Islands that have flush-mounted doors or door fronts on both sides allow for more options than the traditional kitchen island with doors and drawers on only one side. 

Last but not least, the beverage area often becomes a unique place where the homeowner’s personality can be expressed with their collectibles and barware, art, or glassware. Also consider collecting kitchen decorations or kitchen gifts, as well as gadgets. It is important when displaying these decorations and gifts that you make sure they fit the feel of your beverage center. 

Kitchen decorations can be any shape, color, and size. They can be home décor items such as wall art or picture frames. Kitchen home décor items also include wall hangings and mirrors or crafts. Kitchen crafts are often made from natural materials such as wood, metal, leaves, or even food items. 

 Home beverage centers allow you to have a well-stocked kitchen without having to sacrifice much space for the task at hand. Having these centers provides you a place where guests can relax and chat with each other whilst drinking a beer or cocktail before dinner. Consider what kind of storage for drinks is right for your home by first deciding how you would like the kitchen island or home bar area to look when finished with its design process.  


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