Restaurant Prep Table Styles

The prep table is a vital piece of equipment in any commercial kitchen. These tables allow the chef to slice, dice, and chop food efficiently and safely without leaving their workstation. Prep tables can be either pizza or salad prep tables, with their own unique features that make them perfect for different dining establishments. These prep tables, or food preparation stations, both come in many shapes, sizes, and styles to provide a wide variety of options for meeting your cooking needs.

In this article, we will look at different types of prep tables with their respective advantages so that you can make an educated decision about which one would be best for your needs!

Prep Tables- Pizza Vs. Salad/Sandwich Prep Table

What is a Pizza Prep Table?

A pizza prep table is a stationary table that is used for preparing pizza. A pizza prep table includes a cutting surface and refrigeration.

What are the Features of a Pizza Prep Table?

Pizza Prep Tables have multiple benefits for restaurants that require a variety of prep work. For example, pizza tables are great for storing and prepping ingredients, while they can also be used to serve food with a central area for dining guests.

A pizza prep table can also help employees work more efficiently with a variety of different features depending on the needs of your business:

  • Larger tables with large cutting blocks and ample workspace are great for restaurants or businesses who need more room for lots of slicing, dicing, chopping.
  • Smaller options allow for quick food preparation, which is perfect in some types of environments, such as catering events where chefs only want to prepare small amounts at a time.

Pizza Prep Tables come equipped with wide sliding doors, so it’s easy to store ingredients by loading them into drawers. At the same time, many models include a refrigeration system within the main countertop area, which keeps all ingredients and foods fresh and cool!

What is a Salad/Sandwich Prep Table?

A salad or sandwich prep table has more defined functions than the pizza version, although some companies provide both types in their restaurant. These prep tables help store and prep ingredients and sometimes help in serving food to customers.

What Are Some Features of Salad/Sandwich Table?

Space – These tables come in many sizes so you are able to pick one that best serves your needs for space and function.

Ease – It’s easy to clean, and it will save you time when prepping ingredients because there are designated spaces for multiple ingredients, resulting in a lot less work for your employees.

Maintainable – The table can be cleaned easily, which allows the chef to focus on the food preparation. Plus, manufacturers offer assistance in case of any technical issues that may arise from use or wear and tear over the years

Versatility – These tables are extremely versatile. They can be used as storage for refrigerated products and food preparation areas, but they’re not just limited to that! You could also use them for boxing/packaging foods of different types.

Salad Prep Tables vs. Pizza Prep Tables: What is the Difference?

1) Doors

The number one difference between pizza prep tables and salad/sandwich prep tables is the door type. Pizza prep tables are often fitted with a refrigerated glass door to allow easy access for grabbing ingredients. In contrast, salad or sandwich prep table doors can be either plastic-framed swinging doors or non-refrigerated wooden doors that do not have a lot of room for ingredients.

2) Work Space

A salad or sandwich prep table can come with lower shelves to hold items such as small pots and pans, flatware, and other kitchen supplies that would not fit on the countertop area. The salad or sandwich table has a single, central cutting surface that provides space for you and your team to work on various tasks at once while also providing ample room for eating guests when they reach out to grab their meal with ease. Pizza prep tables have an excess amount of workspace but still could use more!

3) Refrigeration: Salad Prep Tables vs. Pizza Prep Tables

Salad prep tables are often fitted with some refrigerated space inside the main work surface, where pizza has its own separate refrigerator altogether. They have more refrigeration options than pizza prep tables, making them an ideal choice if fresh produce needs to be stored alongside other items in use during a shift. A pizza prep table will often only offer one small freezer drawer in addition to what is already available within your restaurant’s larger fridge space.

Most pizzerias do not need much storage space for products and will find the salad prep table to be better for their needs.

A pizza prep table is designed to provide storage space in addition to a workspace surface where ingredients can be prepped, portioned, and stored before being cooked on an oven or stovetop. The more traditional form of these tables has an open countertop with one side closed off by a door that swings out when needed. This type of design helps keep food from spilling over the sides while allowing you easy access without getting up every time something is added to your prep areas like flour or cheese!

Pizza Prep Tables vs. Salad Prep Table: Advantages & Disadvantages

Though there are some advantages both types offer, each person’s workflow may be different, and there are some disadvantages of each type.

Pizza Prep Table Advantages:

– longer countertop space and better storage for pizza dough

– more accessible refrigeration in the doors (easier to keep meat from thawing)

– no prep area on one side of the table, so it’s easier for you to reach over or around something while prepping.

Disadvantages of Pizza Prep Table:

– some models have a small prep area on the other side of the table, which can be difficult to maneuver around

– not as much refrigeration space in the doors (only room for one drawer)

– no storage or refrigerator below the countertop

Advantages of Salad Prep Table

– more refrigeration space in the doors (room for two drawers)

– there is a full prep area on both sides of the table, so it’s easier to maneuver around and reach items or ingredients

– salad prep tables have storage below the countertop

Disadvantages of Salad Prep Table

– there is not as much workspace on one side of the table, so it’s more difficult to maneuver around and reach items or ingredients

– salad prep tables are heavier than pizza prep tables because they have a refrigeration unit below the countertop.

The pros and cons of both types of prep tables come down to what you need in your business. Pizza prepping typically requires less storage while salads require more room for fresh produce like lettuce leaves; however, no matter which type of food you’re preparing, having an appropriate size tabletop that accommodates your needs can make all the difference when trying to get things done quickly during a busy time!

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