Father’s Day Ideas for Dad’s Man-Cave

Every dad wants one; a space in the house all his own. This weekend is Father’s Day so we found some projects to share!

We love these DIY coasters made from 6-pack boxes from Post-Grad Crafting. Seems easy enough, kids could help out, and dad would probably like the beer too.

Have some empty bottles around? Or looking for an excuse to empty some?  Try this pendant lamp project from DIY Joy – but maybe don’t let the kids help on this one.

If you sew – or grandma sews – these jersey pillows from Kenneth Wingard could be fun! It doesn’t have to be jerseys; think concert t-shirts, beer logos, or anything else dad likes. You know, I am sure there is a t-shirt out there that says “Pull My Finger” or something like that…

And of course don’t forget a place for cold drinks!  We have back bar coolers to fit your space. Check them out here and surprise dad this Sunday!