PeakCold Modular Walk In Freezers with Refrigeration


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PeakCold Modular Walk In Freezer Rooms

* Walk-In Refrigeration is currently available for Local Pickup Only *
Indoor Use Only

Temperature Range: -4 – 5°F (15-20°C)
4.7″ Thick PU Panels with Galvanized Steel Reinforcement
8′ Ceiling Height
39″ W x 78.5″ H Hinged Door
Floor Panels Included
Wall Mounted Monoblock Refrigeration Unit
20W LED, Anti-Fog Light
Pressure Balancing Vent



8×8, 10×8, 10×12, 12×12

Your purchase includes a 1 Year Full Parts and Labor Warranty, an additional 2 Year Part Supply Warranty, and another 2 Year Part warranty on the Compressor! For warranty service, contact or call 833-734-8880. Your warranty...
  • is not supported outside the continental United States
  • begins on the date of purchase and are not transferable to other parties.
  • does not cover damage due to misuse, abuse, accidents, alterations or improper installation.
  • does not cover normal wear and tear or cosmetic imperfections not reported at delivery.
  • does not cover the loss of product or income due to equipment malfunction.
*Placing equipment outdoors, exposure to extreme temperatures, using it to store hazardous materials or modifying the equipment in any way voids all warranties. Food Truck or Trailer Use Warranty: Customers installing equipment in a food truck or trailer shall receive 30 days of replacement warranty coverage, regardless of the standard coverage period. Prior to 10-01-21: 1 year warranty on parts and labor. An additional 2 year part-only warranty applies to the compressor.

Walk In refrigeration units are available for local delivery only.

Please call 833-734-8880 to arrange a delivery that works for you.