BevGuard BGC-2200S Replacement Water Filter

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BevGuard BGC-2200S

This BevGuard® brand water filter contains a polyphosphate scale inhibitor and
a 0.5 Micron compressed coconut shell carbon block. The scale inhibitor
reduces the accumulation of minerals that lead to hard water spots from lime
scale build up on equipment. The carbon block provides tremendous capacity
to reduce impurities and sediment that may be present in your drinking water.
The carbon block has millions of active sites on its surface and within the
structure which can absorb impurities like a sponge, and can attract and hold
other types of impurities to its surface like a magnet. Additionally, this filter can
catalytically breakdown other impurities very similar to the way a catalytic
converter works in your automobile. These processes ensure that you are
getting the cleanest and best tasting water possible.

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Installation Instructions

BevGuard Replacement Water Filter

Replaces 3M/Cuno*
CFS 8112-S 55817-08
CFS 8112-XS 56011-03
CS-31 55817-22
CS-11 55895-01
CS-71 55817-14
CS-21 55895-05

Weight 3.0004913883362 lbs

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