Juice Dispensers & Slushie Machines

Slushie Machines & Juice Dispensers

A restaurant, cafeteria, café, or bar isn't complete without cold nonalcoholic drinks. That's why a cold beverage dispenser is indispensable - it not only helps keep your juices, iced tea, sodas, and other beverages cold, it also makes for easy serving for your customers and patrons.

Frozen drinks can give you 20% greater margins than fountain drinks that use more water, and double what you'd earn from a canned beverage. Since you’re serving something in a novel form that customers can't easily make at home or buy in stores, they’ll also pay a premium for that experience.

Frozen drinks are comprised of very simple ingredients which makes it easy to keep them fully loaded and ready for whenever your customers stop in. When they do, their bright colors and novelty make it easy to catch their eyes and invite them over to get one for themselves.